Only in America – Talking and Lying Icons (or eat a live armadillo)

I was very surprised to learn that in America icons can talk.  For some reason, no one was amazed or shocked.  Who cares what icon had to say, the surprise is that it can talk at all.  Wow! Some technology advancements America have.  But can you imagine my total amazement several days later when this very patriotic icon was caught in lie?  Only in America you can have a true talking icon that can lie right to your face.  That is truly magical. Now it is up to scientist to determine if this was a true icon or just a mummy.  Because obviously, if this was a mummy, then you can suspect that some kind of circuit inside simply shorted and it uttered incoherent words from 16 year ago.  But if it was a true icon, where would you hide all circuitry?  Hopefully scientist will give us an answer soon.

eat a live armadillo


Poor politician. What a hard time they have now.  Voters do not forget lies.

Just a bookmark for 2020 presidential elections:
Four years ago, (back in 2017), democratic talking icon lied about never missing an inauguration (image above).  But because this is an icon, you can’t hold it accountable for its words.  Or could you?

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