04 Sept 03 – above and beyond one’s abilities over three 4000′ peaks

Summary: tough 8 miles from Poplar Ridge shelter to Piazza Rock shelter over 3 4000′ summits of Saddleback Mountain.


The night was great.  One or two wakes up. But I was warm and comfortable, and my body is rested now.


05:43 woke up when everyone is still asleep.  I quickly gather my things.

07:15 ready to depart Southbound. Hardly any memories or mental notes about this next section of the trail.  Clear indication that my brain is overwhelmed from yesterday.

08:19 Rain is promised for us for 3 days – Sun, Mon, and Tue.  How would I handle it on the trail?

09:05 After 1.27 mi I am at Saddleback Junior (3,640′).  Sun is beaming.  I am covered in sunscreen.  And no bugs.  Glorious!

~09:30 On the way to the next camp, I run into Curt and Grady again.  They were just gathering their things.  What a late start.  It means they did not reach the camp yesterday

10:09 -10:21 I am at Redington Stream Camp – my ODO is at 22.2 mi from start. AT calculator shows 23.7 mi. Here at the camp, we all my previous acquaintance met together:  Curtis and Grady and 2 older gents from the shelter with one white beard and there were 2 tents here already. My knee is still OK.

11:16 I did not reach The Horn yet but decided to take a break. It is hot now. I am leaning my back against my backpack.  I see the mount that I came from just now.

11:39 After 3.19 mi.  It was a tough climb 0.7 miles that took over an hour to complete.  And again – very little remains in the brain.

12:25 I am at a midpoint between next two summits. I am comfortably sitting on the stones.

13:12 – 13:44 I am at the top of Saddleback Mountain at 4116 after 4.73 mi and 3.5 mi to shelter. Appetite is not kicking in. I am sitting inside a stone fort at the top on the summit.

15:03 – 15:29 after 26.3 mi from start. I am swimming at the Eddy Pond.

17:06 – I am at the shelter – today I will have a few extra hours to camp.  There is a person with a dog here. Instead of picking a shelter I pick a platform and hang my hammock over it.  Today I’ve completed 8.66 mi (28.2 total).

18:22 stew is boiling. The charismatic dog owner quits now and goes to read inside his tent.  There is no one else at the entire shelter right now.

19:44 The shelter was empty till now, but two hikers with headlamps walked in, and they are very happy and surprised to be alone in the shelter. I am hanging comfortably in the air.  The dark setting fast.  The night is very warm, and I am satiated.

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