Tracking Boston Snow Records

When a narrow path to my entrance door became a treacherous ravine between two mounts of snow,  I decided to check, are we breaking any kind of record this year. Here is what I was able to find out. Boston keeps track of its weather since 1872. The most snow […]

Finding Self

Body, Mind and Decision Making

  Going Nowhere, Aiming for Nothing Instead of going to the forest, to my favorite bog, I stayed home to write.  That is in accordance with principle “Going nowhere, aiming for nothing”.  Instead of fighting traffic, biking through the bumpy path and covering myself with a bug spray from head to […]


Adventures in the Dominican 2017-11 from 18 to 25

Hello hello from warm Dominican Republic. – counting number of sudoku tables  – how many different valid 9-on-9 sudoku tables are possible? – questions to Mergebot – does their service ($26/month) support upgrading from one server to another while maintaining new configuration  options – planning migration to Amazon: compare […]