*4* 09-01 MO – Some magnesium fire please

Slow start.   Finally decided to break open my magnesium fire starter kit.  It was $12 at EMS, but it did not include the knife of metal strip to do the magnesium shavings.  I had to use my own knife.  I was struggling for about 40 minutes with the instructions, and dump kindling, and shavings again.  The sparks would fly, and fire would almost starts, but not really.  Finally, I had to go to plan number one:  dry paper and matches.  I have got my fire going, and then breakfast, and then completed taking down the camp.  I started walk back with a heavy (but light) backpack at 11:38.

Around 1:11PM, I slipped and fell into the water while crossing a small stream. Both of my feet and one glove were completely wet, but miraculously, I did not hurt anything!  Wow.  Around 1:36PM I emerged back to the forest road FR233, found my bike in the bush, and even had time explore the rest of the dead-end road going away from the car.

At 3PM, I have reached the gates and my car on the parking lot.  Someone carefully placed my lost gloves on the gate.  I knew I would not lose them.  From here was more or less familiar ride back to North Conway to Horsefeathers restaurant (2679 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860   603-356-2687), where I would order Vegetable Prima Vera for $14.00.

Around 5PM, I would start driving back home.  Here I would install and start using for the first time the GPS application called Waze. This APP allows drivers to post alert and warning, so you are warned about traffic jams, accidents, police action and be rerouted dynamically as you drive.

I still had time left for one more swim in the hidden treasure Crystal Lake in Eaton, NH right off the road 153.
As soon as get back to the car, I decided to remove all my facial hair.  I did not shave since Wednesday, August 13.  I had to use a special attachment to the shaver for trimming.  I completely forgot that cut hair is no longer contained in a small container.  All the hair would “go out” all on my clothes and on my knees.  Stop the madness! I found a bright sunny spot, I used windows in my car as a mirror, and I finish the shaving job jubilantly.

The trip ended at 20:33 in Newton, MA with 325.5 miles on the odometer.  That was most likely the record: least amount of driving and most amount of fun and gorgeous outside. [ 21:37 ]

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