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04 May 25 SA – it is a lakes and streams country

Summary: hike from Antlers Camp north toward Nahmakanta Stream and Lake and camp at Wadleigh Stream shelter 05:31 I woke up thinking it is a late morning due to a bright light outside. But it was only 5:30AM. The birds are singing. Powerful wind operates somewhere in the distance. When […]

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01 May 2024 preparations for the trip

The daring plan for this latest trip was to explore another free way to get onto the Appalachian trail (AT), complete a sizeable chunk of the 100 Mile Wilderness and get out back on Golden Rd. without paying any fees. In this trip I was hoping to reach AT from […]

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Что такое измена Родине?

[измена Родине на наших глазах] Что такое измена Родине?   Граждане России справедливо ожидают, что всё, что делает исполнительная власть от их имени, должно осуществляться в интересах России. Если действия исполнительной власти идут в разрез с интересами России, эти действия должны быть приостановлены, их последствия изолированы, а ответственные привлечены к […]


2015 BMW 535i xDrive Gran Turismo – Dark Graphite

This article is to record all the random and wonderful coincidences and events that led to finding and purchasing a new 2015 535i xDrive Gran Turismo on Sunday, June 14 2015. This article started on Wednesday, June 17, 2015.  This car has a few days of history with me, but […]


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07 May 2024 – Final thoughts

You can’t see or sense the happiness when it is right in your face.  You can dream about the possible happiness in the future or think about some happy moments in the past.  But being [...]




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