Aug 20 MON – Firenze (Day 3) – Collodi

  We woke up at 6:45, and were out on the streets at 07:07.  The heat is gone. What a relief from afternoon heat.  It is nice and breezy on the streets at this hour.  We wanted to see all major Firenze sites one more times before the crowds. We saw 3 young […]


Think: What do YOU want to do?

What do YOU want to do? – I can’t find a clear answer to this question. To answer this question you need to imagine that all doors are open, money is not an issue, and entire planet is your playground.  Under these conditions, what do you want to DO? Just […]


*4* 09-01 MO – Some magnesium fire please

    Slow start.   Finally decided to break open my magnesium fire starter kit.  It was $12 at EMS, but it did not include the knife of metal strip to do the magnesium shavings.  I had to use my own knife.  I was struggling for about 40 minutes with the […]


*1* 08-29 FR – Off to a wild New Hampshire

  Life is always in progress until it is not   This time it was a special trip.  I used all the accumulated information and wisdoms of previous trips on this trip. I woke up really early on Friday morning August 29 2014 (04:39 AM), checked the weather one last time […]



Русский – Russian


26 Ways to Say STOP in English and Russian

I started to list all the things that I would do to stop the Spammers. Suddenly, I realize that almost every letter in English language has a word for Stop, Block or Prevent. Я начал перечислять все те вещи, которые я бы сделал, чтобы остановить Spammers. Вдруг я осознал, …


Finding Self

To Be Alive

To be alive one needs to think.  It is your first move.  You are what you think. Before words and before actions comes the thought – the thought of “Self”. The thought is everything.  It [...]




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    I started this short article to summarize Globalist ideology and why Trump is such a blow for them.  In the matter of a few hours article grew to cover these topics in no particular order: [...]