Aug 23 THU – Cinque Terra [… in progress …]

[…in progress…] Our bus to the train station was scheduled for 09:10, so we woke up at 07:30 and went down to have a large free breakfast. Fruits and eggs, and several cornetti (croissants).  Very good. At the front desk I did buy  2 LEVANTO – LA SPAZIA unlimited one […]


Aug 21 TUE – From Pescia to Lucca

  We are in Pescia in a Villa Vezzani somewhere near even smaller Collodi.  We added this village into our itinerary, because we thought that there is a link exist between Collodi the village and Collidi the author of Pinocchio.  There are none. We woke up at 7:30 and took a quick […]


Aug 20 MON – Firenze (Day 3) – Collodi

  We woke up at 6:45, and were out on the streets at 07:07.  The heat is gone. What a relief from afternoon heat.  It is nice and breezy on the streets at this hour.  We wanted to see all major Firenze sites one more times before the crowds. We saw 3 young […]


Aug 19 SUN – Firenze – Day 2 – Uffizi Gallery

  Today we are going to Uffizi and Academia.  We woke up at 08:00, and quickly finish with our breakfast (no fresh fruits though).  We started out to visit our car around 09:30.  On the way there, we drank coffee and ate watermelon (€6.40).  We crossed the river through the […]




Body, Mind and Decision Making

Finding Self
  Going Nowhere, Aiming for Nothing Instead of going to the forest, to my favorite bog, I stayed home to write.  That is in accordance with principle “Going nowhere, aiming for nothing”.  Instead of fighting traffic, [...]




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    I started this short article to summarize Globalist ideology and why Trump is such a blow for them.  In the matter of a few hours article grew to cover these topics in no particular order: [...]