2017-11 – From the Editor – Who is My President?

Area Not my President My President Overall Government is a bunch of strong, confident people, and we will take care of you. People are strong and confident and Government is here to keep it this way. People People are week, lazy and stupid.  They need all the help they can […]


Woodstock Fruit Festival (WFF) – August 16-23, 2015

Camp Walden, Diamond Point, NY August 16-23, 2015 Don Bennett – Raw Food Our ancestors were slowly gathering fruits and plants to eat.  We need to emulate this pattern with eating mostly tropical fruits for calories and nutrition.  For minerals we need to eat greens and  other vegetable.  Emprasis on […]


Aug 23 THU – Cinque Terra [… in progress …]

[…in progress…] Our bus to the train station was scheduled for 09:10, so we woke up at 07:30 and went down to have a large free breakfast. Fruits and eggs, and several cornetti (croissants).  Very good. At the front desk I did buy  2 LEVANTO – LA SPAZIA unlimited one […]


Trip to Montreal – July 2011 – Through New Hampshire

There are only 3 warm long weekends in a year – Memorial, July 4-th and Labor Day. Get an extra day off and get away from the city every time. This article is about wonders of Sawyer Pond in New Hampshire and fantastic Montreal in French-speaking Quebec. Read all about 2 bikes, 4 nights, $700 and 800 miles. […]


2015 BMW 535i xDrive Gran Turismo – Dark Graphite

This article is to record all the random and wonderful coincidences and events that led to finding and purchasing a new 2015 535i xDrive Gran Turismo on Sunday, June 14 2015. This article started on Wednesday, June 17, 2015.  This car has a few days of history with me, but […]


Aug 21 TUE – From Pescia to Lucca

  We are in Pescia in a Villa Vezzani somewhere near even smaller Collodi.  We added this village into our itinerary, because we thought that there is a link exist between Collodi the village and Collidi the author of Pinocchio.  There are none. We woke up at 7:30 and took a quick […]



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