Governments and People – Why so much virus fear?

Governments across the globe shut down economies in a fear of a monster that can be beaten by washing your hands. What is going on? US politicians who couldn’t agree on anything in 4 years, suddenly united on spending $2000 billion.  Sudden compliance of all people and almost all governments […]


Arguments to wear or not to wear face masks

Have you been confronted in a park with a question – “Why you are not wearing a face mask?”  There are two lines of thought on that. – I am not wearing the mask because I do not have it.  If they require to wear a mask – they must […]


Где Начинается Река Ока?

На карте ищите Дружовец Орловской области. Если вы будете искать “село Александровка Глазуновского района Орловской области”, то yandex покажет вам не ту Александровку.  Может быть в Глазуновском районе две Александровки?     Так же по теме: Description  Link  Схема бассейна Оки (приток Волги)  Река Ока  Фотографии и Комментарии […]



Русский – Russian



How to Survive an IRS Audit?

Sometime you have to deal with IRS in the month other that April. It means that you received a dreaded letter from them, prompting to contact and setup an appointment. Do not start to worry [...]
SQL Server

Automate Database Backup with SQL Express

This article describes, how to automate database backup in SQL Express with mixed Windows and SQL Authentication running on Windows 2008 Server.   This material was tested with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express. SQL Server [...]




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