Размышления о жизни, об обществе и о справедливости

 . . . забыл зачем живу Я забыл, зачем живу.  Кажется, просто, чтобы ездить на vacation? Я полностью clueless, что происходит в моей жизни, и что будет происходить. Самое главное – это в окошечке жизни различать отдельные прекрасные моменты, которые все равно исчезают навечно.  Для чего же тогда их различать? […]

Finding Self

Concept of a person – religious vs. secular view

Summary: – secular and religious view on a human being; –  base for moral code. How we stumbled upon a fundamental difference I was speaking on the phone to my friend on the way home from Connecticut. We touched many subject, but eventually we hit the most evil of them […]


Aug 17 FRI – Orvieto – Montepulciano – Siena

On Friday August 17, we woke up around 10AM.  We both took a thorough baths. Bath is a trademark of old hotels. You suppose to submerge into the hot water and scrub yourself.  No curtains and nowhere to hang the showerhead. Very relaxing, if you know, what you are doing. […]

No Picture

Perihelion and Solstice are not related – Wow!

Attention! I just realized that Perihelion and Solstice has NOTHING to do with each other. Earth Perihelion is when Earth is closest to the sun.  For example this time it falls on January 2, 2016.  That does NOT affect season change on planet Earth and this date moves forward rather quickly (1 calendar day […]


Aug 16 THU – Bagnoregio in Lazio, Orvieto in Umbria

We woke up at 8:22 in Veterbo. Breakfast here was one of the most luscious. In addition to all the standard staples of breakfast, they also presented fresh fruits and more.  This was probably the best breakfast for the whole trip. Odometer showed 9,472 after first day of driving (120 […]


How to Survive an IRS Audit?

Sometime you have to deal with IRS in the month other that April. It means that you received a dreaded letter from them, prompting to contact and setup an appointment.

Do not start to worry immediately and automatically. Most likely scenario is that some unusual percentage or number was caught by a computer, and it is now your turn to show some mathematical skills.

All you need to do is show that your numbers are all good and here is the way you arrived to your totals. Sound simple enough.



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