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Aug 31 FRI – La Dolce Far Niente [… in progress …]

[…in progress…] Today I woke up in Sorrento in 07:56.  Already things are drying after an overnight soak. We were so impressed with our accommodations, and so overwhelmed with our experiences that decided to spend entire day Friday, August 31 in the suit, just resting, taking it easy, and enjoying […]

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Aug 30 THU – Capri – Day 2 [… in progress …]

 […in progress…] We woke up early, and had an early breakfast. We’ve met all the colorful characters on the farm: the overly shrewd babushka (the owner), who pretended that credit card machine doesn’t work, and I had to show her how to properly swipe the card.  The colorful workers from […]

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Aug 29 WED – Capri – Day 1 [… in progress …]

 […in progress…] We are planning to visit Capri, Pompei and Amalfi coast over the next 3 days and 3 nights.  Overnight stay at Capri is not even planned.  Buy we are very limb and flexible. Today is Wednesday. We woke up in a spacious villa in Sorrento. Internet still doesn’t […]

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Aug 27 MON – Napoli – Day 2 [… in progress …]

[…in progress…] We left our hotel after 11AM.  We walk down using narrow stairway, and later – a narrow street.  People’s living rooms and windows are opening directly into the street. While walking you are a witness to people’s lives, and they do not mind it. We ate our breakfast […]




Move IIS inetpub Directory

To keep your operating system completely separate from all the web stuff, it is advisable to move inetpub directory off the root of a %SystemDrive% to a completly different drive. In these sample I am [...]




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