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Perihelion and Solstice are not related – Wow!

Attention! I just realized that Perihelion and Solstice has NOTHING to do with each other. Earth Perihelion is when Earth is closest to the sun.  For example this time it falls on January 2, 2016.  That does NOT affect season change on planet Earth and this date moves forward rather quickly (1 calendar day […]


Calculating EPS and P/E – A Real Life Example

It is painful to state that so many important investment decisions are based on a P/E ratio, but it is very hard to find a clear explanation on how to calculate this very P/E for a given company. This article is written to demonstrate, how to calculate Earnings Per Share […]


03 August 16-17, 2010: Luzern – Bern – Fribourg

Next morning Monday, August 16 rain continued, but for us it was time to move on. First we visited a local Migros Genossenschaft in Adliswil – their supermarket, where we had breakfast + lunch and loaded on food and water supplies for the road ahead.  We felt like we were disturbing […]


02 August 14-15, 2010: Zurich

Like everything else except eternity, this story has a beginning. On a hot summer morning on August 31, 2010 at 7:45 EST in a comfort of fresh air-conditioned air, I am beginning this story, this vacation journal that shows how far Europe and America have moved apart during last 200-300 […]


01 Preparation for the Swiss Trip in August 2010

I started this post long before the trip to Europe.  And finishing it now in the depth ob November.  Do not linger here.  Jump right to the first day in Zurich. Use links bellow to navigate directly to your favorite days and destinations. Just look at a phenomenal rainy weather in Zurich […]


How to enter GPS coordinates into Google Maps

Let’s say you moved pictures  from your smart phone to a PC, but you want to know, where this picture was taken.  Most likely picture would have a GPS information attached to it (unless you explicitly disabled that feature on your phone).  Open picture properties (Alt + Enter) and check […]


Sep 3 MON – From Rome back to Boston

  We took an early breakfast, and left the hotel at 08:24.  I put another €23 worth of benzene into the car to top it off, and we returned the car to the airport at 08:57 with 11109 km on odometer. Here is a breakdown for days, kilometers, liters and […]



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