2017-11 – From the Editor – Who is My President?


Not my President

My President

Overall Government is a bunch of strong, confident people, and we will take care of you. People are strong and confident and Government is here to keep it this way.
People People are week, lazy and stupid.  They need all the help they can get. People are strong and confident.  They know best how to spend their money and solve their problems.
Money Government knows best how to spent peoples money and how to help these poor people with their problems. People know best how to spend their money and Government is here to maintain currency strong and competitive.
Taxes Poor need all the help they can get.  Rich need to give their fair share. You earned it. You keep it. As much as possible.
Military Our military is good, but we need to help our military friends all over the globe Spend money on our power structures to keep the leadership position in the world.
Abortion Regulate. Restrict.  Limit. Take care of poor indecisive  woman and their unborn fetuses. How women in their condition can possibly know what is good and what is bad.  You body  is not you property to control.  We will tell what to do. Women are strong confident people.  They know best what is good for them. Keep the Government Evangelical nose out of people’s vaginas.
Debt Growing Debt allows Government to take care of poor weak people.  Let the world buy our debt and we will take care of our folks. Growing debt is irresponsible for currency today and for future generations tomorrow. Find a way to stop and reverse this cancerous growth.
Subsidies Support everything and let people grow their dependence on it.  Finance social programs, grow activists who are reliable voters and proponents of even stronger and more confident Government. Limit subsidies to a bare minimum. Let  people keep their money and let the market decide who deserved to survive.
Medicine Fair Government health care for everyone who needs it.  We will take care of you. Government has no business sponsoring this one industry.
Social Security We will take care of you forever.  And you will vote for us. Forever. Explore how to stop this schema when all businesses are paying and every employee is paying and yet the program is a bankrupt.
 Guns People are dumb and irresponsible.  Take all the guns away from people.  Leave all the ammunition in hands on Government and criminals. When choosing to rub or steal, criminal should expect and fear to be confronted with a muzzle of gun of the rightful owner. Keep the power in people’s hands and fear to criminals
Immigration Bring more weak and suffering to make them future voters and strong supporters of a bigger Government New people are future, strength and prosperity.  Bring more strong, confident and fertile people into the country
 Drugs and Tobacco Chase stupid, weak people for consuming and businesses for producing and delivering the drugs and tobacco. Government knows best what is good for these poor people. Let people sort it out for themselves. Turn drugs and tobacco into strong revenue stream.  Instead of prohibiting –  tax and prosper.
Jobs Sponsor unemployment, education, re-training just to keep those poor soul occupied and away from the streets. Help create jobs by creating save, stable and business-friendly environment
Climate Sponsor big global research projects that emphasize the need for even bigger Government.  On the one hand, grow dedicated educated voters. On the other, keep a sense of urgency for big overreaching Government spending and programs. Every 30,000 years earth repeats the cooling and warming cycles.  Let people make responsible choices based on fair and unbias information.
Religion Support all religions equally so that they all feel the warm a cozy Government care. Gain stable voters and praise It doesn’t matter for your Government if you worship a deity in your spare time.  As long as you are a good taxpayer it is all the same for your Government.
Foreign Help Grow your foreign partners attaches to you by regular help.  Use it as a leash.  Spent money generously.  It doesn’t matter – you can always print more. Use foreign policy to strengthen trading partnerships to grow domestic jobs and know-how.
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