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Finding Self

To Be Alive

To be alive one needs to think.  It is your first move.  You are what you think. Before words and before actions comes the thought – the thought of “Self”. The thought is everything.  It is an emotion, it is a vision, and it is everything around you.  Try to […]

Finding Self

Успех Жизни – Закладки для Размышления

[написано 2011 Август 01-09] Мы слишко редко думаем о жизни в целом.  Мы постоянно все разбиваем на маленькие кусочки – на проекты.  Что-то мешает нам думать о жизни, как об одном большом проекте с открытой датой завершения. Чтобы правильно оценивать приоритеты и принимать правильные решения, нужно заставлять себя подниматься высоко […]

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Finding Self

Cloning Body, Cloning Soul

This next piece of thought is a bit untested. What should you answer, if asked “Are you a religious person?” I would go with an immediate clarification:  “Do you mean, if I believe in supernatural, or if I believe in survival of the soul outside the body?” If the questioner […]

Finding Self

Looking for a Vegan Doctor in Boston Area

As we get sophisticated about our health, we get more demanding about our doctors. Switching to a vegan lifestyle is challenging enough. Why finding the right doctor should be that hard? How can a doctor help a vegan patient with all the questions, if he or she doesn’t practice a […]

Finding Self

Body, Mind and Decision Making

  Going Nowhere, Aiming for Nothing Instead of going to the forest, to my favorite bog, I stayed home to write.  That is in accordance with principle “Going nowhere, aiming for nothing”.  Instead of fighting traffic, biking through the bumpy path and covering myself with a bug spray from head to […]

Finding Self

Ищут Россию: народ, церковь и государство

Пишут ли люди ещё что-нибудь кроме  text messages?  Оказывается – пишут.  Здесь перед вами email обмен из 5 посланий.  Отец пишет из Москвы, а двое сыновей отвечают из Америки. Поводом для этого обмена послужил сборник статей  “Монтаж и демонтаж секулярного мира”.  Книга это более 400 страниц, но мы предлагаем начать прямо […]

Finding Self

Child-People Who Play Too Seriously

Your Career, Your Family, Your Retirement.  Do these words make you wake up at night? All-along I was thinking that I am too childish and immature to participate in those games. Now, reading Buddhist literature, I am discovering a convenient alternative view on this matter. The whole life is a […]

Finding Self

Religious Education – Finding the Right Words

  WORDS Religious education for beginners should use normal words.  Any word that is unusual or stigmatized causes listener to concentrate on words instead of meaning.  Think of listeners as timid deer that came out of the woods for the sounds of unusual tune.  Every word should strike “Me too, […]