Learn from Donald Trump skills of handling the press (по-русски)

    English Russian Learn from Donald Trump skills of handling the press Учись навыкам общения с предвзятыми репортерами Debates about the unexpected victory of Donald Trump do not cease.   Let’s learn from his skills of handling the belligerent reporters. Не утихают дебаты по поводу неожиданной победы Дональда Трампа. Давайте учиться […]


Trump – Why no one knew?

This electoral map reflects a general expectation before the  election.  Clinton appeared to have 268 votes for sure and needed to win only 4 votes from NH r any other “gray” state. One day before the election New York Times estimated the probability on Clinton winning at 81%.   CNN estimates that […]


Why so many people annoyed with Trump?

  I really would like to hear a reasonable answer.  People appear so annoyed that it is necessary to write serious articles, explaining that reasonable people can support Trump.  For example, article in Chicago Tribune: “Yes, decent people can support Donald Trump“.  Sadly, this is not a joke.  And I […]


Trump vs. Internationalists

I started this short article to summarize Globalist ideology and why Trump is such a blow for them.  In the matter of a few hours article grew to cover these topics in no particular order: — Why Globalism is actually Westernism — What is Internationalists ideology — Why Globalists failed […]


Размышления о жизни, об обществе и о справедливости

 . . . забыл зачем живу Я забыл, зачем живу.  Кажется, просто, чтобы ездить на vacation? Я полностью clueless, что происходит в моей жизни, и что будет происходить. Самое главное – это в окошечке жизни различать отдельные прекрасные моменты, которые все равно исчезают навечно.  Для чего же тогда их различать? […]


We win, our country wins when . . .

We win and our great country wins when: – we create business-friendly climate (less regulations –> more jobs) – we faithfully uphold and enforce our laws and punish criminals – we open our doors and share our pie only with friends – we request small and nimble Government – we […]