Why so many people annoyed with Trump?


I really would like to hear a reasonable answer.  People appear so annoyed that it is necessary to write serious articles, explaining that reasonable people can support Trump.  For example, article in Chicago Tribune: “Yes, decent people can support Donald Trump“.  Sadly, this is not a joke.  And I do not remember from previous elections, that one side ever had to explain why they voted the way they did, and the other side is so incredulous in accepting the argumentation.

Trump Qualifications for President

Unfortunately, in post-election verbal clashes people losing the key points of Trump candidacy:

(1) He is not a politician. This is his strongest quality – he is not one of them.

(2) He is a strong leader.  Leadership is a very rare quality.  To win election you need to be a cheer-leader.  But to make things done you need to be leader.  He is.

(3) He worked all his life.  Professional politicians receive benefits from the tree of life that workers are growing for them. He knows what it means to work every day all his life.

(4) He builds, he creates. On time and under budget.

(5) He knows that money doesn’t grow on trees. All professional politicians assume that people love paying for Government generous programs and endless wars.  He knows that this is not true.

(6) He passionately loves America.  That is completely new quality on the landscape.  Over the last 30 years Donald Trump slowly grew more and more convinced that he has to step into these shoes because, there is no one else at the moment.

We are simply lucky that at this stage of the fierce cut-throat global economic completion he decided to run.  Let’s hope that together we can still save once great USS America.


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