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Ответ на статью – С.Д. Хайтун – Четыре ошибки Карла Маркса и их проекция на путинскую Россию (with English summary)

Summary in English: Industrial revolution caused thinkers and western society in XIX century perceive disasters and conflicts of growing capitalism. Marx offered a revolutionary solution in one panful jump via abolishing private property and empowering Government to be the overseer of property and the protector of the weak and meek. […]


Tracking Boston Snow Records

When a narrow path to my entrance door became a treacherous ravine between two mounts of snow,  I decided to check, are we breaking any kind of record this year. Here is what I was able to find out. Boston keeps track of its weather since 1872. The most snow […]

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Work with MySQL – Basic WordPress Queries

This article was born, as I was searching for ways to handle thousands of registered WordPress users, who never do anything, never return to the site, and never even change their default password.               Table of Topics -1030- List all registered users sorted by date -1060- Group registered users […]


Notes after Woodstock Fruit Festival 2016

  Woodstock Fruit Festival was held from August 21 to August 28, 2016. This page will eventually grow with more and more pictures from various days of this week-long event. Most of this will be interesting for the actual participants of the Woodstock Fruit Festival that has nothing to do with Woodstock. […]