23 Game Results – 2017-12-17 SUN

[ … in progress … ***** check throughout the day ******* ] Game Overview Red team played 10-on-10 and only occupied half of the filed.  We played on the snow covered second half and did not pay any attention to the snow.  No one picked the teams  Serezha arrived late for […]


Tracking Boston Snow Records

When a narrow path to my entrance door became a treacherous ravine between two mounts of snow,  I decided to check, are we breaking any kind of record this year. Here is what I was able to find out. Boston keeps track of its weather since 1872. The most snow […]


Integrating bbPress Forum with WordPress Theme

Problem When I was preparing to roll out bbPress forum as a part of  WordPress site,  I discovered that process of bbPress user and login integration has a very good coverage on the Internet. This article deals with integrating bbPress forum “look and feel” with WordPress. How to make bbPress forum […]