Wins and losses of Donald Trump after the Elections

Trump Wins Losses

This article intends to list visible battles of Donald Trump after the elections on November 08-09, 2016, and rate them from +5 for a big win to -5 for a big loss. The purpose of this article is to see, if he is winning or losing overall. This is a subjective instrument to measure fluent political power.  Let’s see how someone gains or losses power by virtues of actions or non-actions.


List of Trump battles and events:

 * * * January 2 0 1 7 * * *

Jan 14 – At 4:50 AM Trump scolds a fake talking icon from Chicago for all words and no action.  This fake hero came up with sour and unconstitutional remarks during interview.  Around 16:22 Trump follows up with invitation to help, or stand aside and watch.  Trump seemed  found a good formula to handle angry  – feels more like a loss -1.

Note: did you notice Trump most democratic approach to evaluate people?  His criteria is hard work and earnestly.  You can be an icon, or a hero, or a disabled person, or even a white angry mail.  In all cases he judges you only by your actions.  And if you open your mouth, you better be earnest.

Jan 12 – Both sides of the Congress agree that sheer caliber of cabinet candidates presented for nomination is extraordinary.  Controversial request for a waiver for Gen. James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis  to serve as defense secretary gets bipartisan 81-17 vote in Senate – Extraordinary! – big win +3

Jan 11 – Trump handles reporters well on his first press conference. No chance given to CNN, who now have to earn people trust back to be called a media company – strong win +2

Jan 10 – About 8 PM CNN releases a fake unverified news about Trump in hopes that he is asleep and will not be able to respond quickly. However, within minutes Trump replies on Tweeter – from President directly to US Citizens – strong win +3

Jan 10 – U.S. Small-Business Optimism Index Surges by Most Since 1980 – win +2

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Jan 8 – Meryl Streep draws attention to Donald Trump memorable performance in presidential elections.  Trump replies that over-rated actresses and staunch Clinton supporter once again used lie about a reporter who was dishonest about his 2001-08-18 Washington Post article about Muslims celebrating downfall of World Trade Center buildings.  Even disabled reports has to be earnest.  Unfortunately, in his reply Trump was discussing the  logistics.  Instead, he should have reiterated issue – people celebrating the attacks.  – weak reply -1


people celebrating the attacks
Please check out 2001-08-18 Washington Post article about Muslims  celebrating
downfall of World Trade Center –


Jan 7 – Trump supporter – Jane Timken – elected as Ohio Republican Party Chair.  Might be a good sign of things to come for Republican party in general – win +1

Jan 6 – Intelligence report with fake NSA seal comes out and describes Putin aspirations. Nothing about hacking.  Trump in muted response confirms the need to build a strong relationship with Russia, but situation feels like a loss – loss -2

Jan 5 – Trump twits that Democrats lead by head clown Chuck Schumer. We do not know who that is.  Seem like a waste of air. But, in response, VP Biden tells Trump to grow up!  Big win for Biden. Significant loss for Trump – loss -3

Jan 4 – Democrats label attempts to dismantle Obamacare with slogan ” Make America Sick Again”. Republicans have no immediate program to replace   the expensive program.

Jan 3 – Trump announces that he “knows things other people don’t” about Russian hacking, but claim fizzles – loss -1

Jan 2, 2017  – Trumps returns from resumes work in NYC on National Holiday

  * * * December 2 0 1 6 * * *

Dec 27 – Obama said in an interview that he would have won against Trump.  Next day Trump replied:  “Not true”.  Obama campaigned hard (and personally) in the very important swing states, and lost – simple elegant win +3

Dec 19 – Trump loses only 2 electors and Clinton 4 in faithless Hamilton electors.  Trump confirmed to be the next US president – win +1

Dec 16 – During Trump thank tour a new slogan is coined – ” BUY AMERICAN and HIRE AMERICAN!” – win +1

Dec 14 – Trump meets with technology leaders

Dec 12 – Donald Trump will be leaving his business before January 20th to focus on presidency. Potential question of conflict of interests through his kids remains – loss -1

Dec 06 – Trump slam Boing on a $4 billion cost on new Air Force One

Dec 06 – Masa (SoftBank) of Japan agreed to invest 50 billion into US, but the news went unnoticed – win +1

Dec 05 – Trump taps Ben Carson as head of HUD.  Very good choice in many aspects: represents American dream, former presidential candidate, outsider – win +2

Dec 02 – Trump accept a call from newly elected President of Taiwan.  That creates a scandal of violation unwritten rules of US-China relationships – loss -1

Dec 01 – Carrier decides not to close its plant in Indiana.  Over a 1000 jobs saved – big win +5

  * * * November 2 0 1 6 * * *

Nov 29 – Green party raised millions needed for a recount. Trump unnecessarily assaults them, but wins extra 133 votes as a result of recount.  That dampens the victory – win +1

Nov 23 – Trump team takes shape.  Generals, conservatives, 2 women, former opponents. Trump taps Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary.  Good sign – rich and snobby are willing to work with Trump.  – win +2

Nov 21 – An initiative for a 2019 vote on California secession from the USA filed with the CA Attorney General’s Office – loss -1

Nov 19 – Cast of Hamilton questioned guest Mike Pence from the stage.  Trump responded – minor win +1

Nov 19 – Trump University settlement – clever timing – small loss -1

Nov 17 – Ford contacted Trump with a news to keep one plant in US, not in Mexico – went unnoticed – win +1

Nov 16 – A notion is brewing that Trump is set to appoint relatives to top post in his administration. Ivanka was present at the meeting with Japan officials. Trump responded with NO – loss -1

Nov 15 – A notion is brewing that Trump lost popular vote by 2.9 mil.  Clever reply by Trump that if the rules were different “I would have campaigned only in N.Y. Florida and California and won even bigger and more easily”.  Opponents replied that Trump was expressing doubts in electoral system just a few months before – loss -1

Nov 13 – Mitt Romney applies to get a high post in Trump administration – they meet – win +2

Nov 11 – Second response to street violence: “small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country” – loss – 1

Nov 10 – Millennials protest and create disturbances on city streets. Trump responds with a weak reference to professional protesters, incited by the media – loss -2

Nov 10 – Meeting with current President in White house – win +2

Nov 09 – California calls to secede from USA immediately after election results are announced (Calexit) – it went unnoticed – loss -1

Nov 09, 2016  – Trump Victory Speech at 2:45AM – “Sorry to keep you waiting; complicated business” –  win +3

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