02 August 14-15, 2010: Zurich

Like everything else except eternity, this story has a beginning. On a hot summer morning on August 31, 2010 at 7:45 EST in a comfort of fresh air-conditioned air, I am beginning this story, this vacation journal that shows how far Europe and America have moved apart during last 200-300 […]


11 Austria and Italy 2008 – August 25 – Venezia I

Padova to Venezia Next day Monday, August 25 we rejected the option to remain here at Padova and keep riding to Venezia on train every day.   We just drove remaining 30km to Venezia. Venezia is connected with mainland by a long plain bridge or connector.  Several such connectors are going parallel to […]


Garmin Nuvi 750 – Unusual in Usual

Device comes with US map preloaded.   To start using it, no subscription is necessary, but you might want to keep buying map updates.  Device starts telling you that you map is over a year old – it is time to buy an update. You can install free internal software updates […]