Eight days water fasting in Rawdon, Canada

When – from Wednesday, January 29 till February 6, 2020.  Eight nights of water fasting followed by 3 nights of juice fasting.

Where – Centre Val-Santé, Rawdon, Canada (about an hour north of Montreal)

What – only distilled water and fresh air.

What to do – sleep (up to 8-10H a day), walk (twice a day), read, work, watch encouraging YouTube videos.

How do you experience healing – does internal organs repair occurs stealthily? Your joins repair is very noticeable.  First you feel an increase in pain one join at a time for 30-60 min.  That indicated the arrival of a repair crew. Then pain is gone, and repair team moves to a new destination.

Time management – during fasting you need to plan you time.  You are gaining a lot of time by skipping cooking, eating and digesting, but loosing time in lots of extra sleep.

Painful questions – would I lose my body mass? – No.


Chemical and physiological processes

— Ketosis – body learns to run on fuel other that carbohydrates. Evolution enabled mechanism to feed on low priority and damaged tissues if there are low sugar in blood.

 — Spikes in human growth hormone (HGH) level – Is it dangerous? – More research is needed.  According to Dr. Jason Fung, MD, “the HGH likely helps in the maintenance of lean mass – both muscle and bone” (https://www.dietdoctor.com/fasting-and-growth-hormone)

 — Autophagy – body “eats” dirty self (programmed cell death). Body burn all extras for fuel including sagging skin, plagues and old damaged tissues. It’s clearing out all our old proteins and cellular parts. 

 — You sleep more, and you can sleep at any hour of the day.

 — Your digestive system has time to rest and repair.

 — You do not feel hunger, but you dream about food a lot.


For more scientific fasting reading search for:

Chemical and physiological processes during fasting.  Unfortunately, the search will return a lot of scientific papers that are locked by required subscriptions and memberships.

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