00 AT 2023 07 Preparation for the trip

First trip to a more populous state – CT. For a long time, I couldn’t make myself walk the AT in populous states as I can do this at home in Boston.

The weather this time will be warm.  There is no need to bring extra clothes. All the extra gloves, hat, and neck buff can go.

Planning about 30 miles on the bike to the beginning of the section on NY/CY border and 45 miles hike back to the car. Set a mild schedule (7-10 mi a day) and an aggressive schedule (11-14 mi a day). Aggressive schedule includes competing the first 45 mi section and continuing another 16 mi into MA.

Day length in July is over 15H from 05:20 to 20:32.

The backpack weighs 30 lb. including 4.4 lb. of water and 1.8 lb. sleeping pad and tarp.

I finally got around to repairing walking stick hand straps, so they do not slip. I hard attached the straps in one position assuming no gloves.


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