04 AT 2023-05-28 SU – hike, swim, enjoy solitude

10 miles from West Carry Pond to Pierce Pond

06:06 wake up – sunny and gorgeous.  During the night I woke up 3 times, at 22:44, one more time in the dak and at 04:52 when the light was already out.

06:38 gather things, while brushing off insects.  Visit a large privy.  Listen to birds singing their spring songs.

07:20 departed for the hike in a mosquito mask.  The trail starts to go around the pond.  Here it is wet, and last time (in 2019) I had to walk on top of the snow.

08:48 the trail sharply goes to East on an Arnold Trail where he carried his boats from one river to a West Carry Pond for about 2 miles in October 1775. There is a convenient boardwalk over Arnold Swamp.  Here I sit on the boards and eat an apple and oranges.

09:10 I am at the crossroads of Long Pond Rd and Middle Rd. crossing Sandy Stream.

After the road the trail becomes more dry, flatter, and easier.

10:01 Swim in the East Carry Pond.  Very unpleasant bottom, but water is great. Completed 3.7 mi. It is a bit hot now.


08:48 I am carrying just a backpack but Arnold’s troops had to carry their boats and ammo 10:01 a rare relax moment on the trail.  The moment is just too perfect – everything falls in place and path ahead is clear as the sky.



11:31 Just crossed the familiar Carrying Place Road and landed on another boardwalk.  8 miles remains till Kennebunk River. The wind helps to blow away the bugs.  I was sitting on these same boards on May 24, 2019, at 14:00.  It means 3 more hours to shelter or 4.2 mi on the map.

12:55 stop after 2 mi

14:28 I arrived at Peirce Pond Shelter

15:55 Swim, collect water and cook food and tea.   Eat supper with my back against the shelter surrounded by tea and pan.

17:09 I hang the hammock.  One more swim in the pond.  Exiting and entering the hammock is stealthy affair. One needs to make it quickly to avoid letting a swarm of bugs in. The sun begins to move in front of the shelter and will light the whole pond panorama.  Today LRSX jumped and 300 shares sold at $622.  I would need to use released cash to enter SDIV.  I turned my back to the sun so that it is easier to write.

18:00 re-hang hammock higher and tighter, and now the hammock just barely touches the floor.

18:15 All things are stored.  Strong wind blows from the pond. The arrangement seems very convenient.  I am using my sleeping bag as a table for my notebook.  But the way, today second round of Presidential Elections in Turkey, but I forget to ask Lira when I had a signal.  I am charging my iPhone for the fourth time with 37% remaining in the battery.  I am planning to cross the river around 9am tomorrow and then drive to Flagstaff Lake via north local roads.  I would like to make a one-night kayak trip to one of the lake islands. It is so warm that I did not even spread my tarp and insulation.

At about 7PM a North bound through hiker arrives.  Now I re-hang the hammock again to free up some space.  His trail name is Needana from “need a name”. He is from Arizona, vegan, started in Atlanta in February and planning to complete all 3 major pan American trails this year – AT (Appalachian Trail), CDT (Continental Divide Trail) and PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) and reach The Triple Crown of Hiking.

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