06 AT 2023-05 Summary

 — BUGS -extreme black fly activity. I returned bitten all over and red spots stayed visible for days after the trip. These little bugs attack in great numbers any open skin. Around eyebrows, between the sleeve and the glove, between socks and pants. Even through the thin garment. And my mosquito net is not a great help, as it reduces visibility and quickly makes you hot. So, the only real solution is to apply a bug spray very close to the eyes, to nostrils, to ears, wrists, and feet. Everywhere.

— PLAN – to be successful and happy – plan your movements during vacation days. As soon as I went of the script, I’ve got confused and overwhelmed with choices.

— NIKON – camera was dropped and stopped working on the third day – Saturday, May 27.  On Tuesday, May 30 I shipped the camera for repair for $9.55 cash.  On Monday, June 5 Nikon replied with an estimate of $185.91 with shipping back charge and sales tax. On Friday, June 9 I received a repaired camera via UPS.  Everything is great!

 — Next new things for July 2023 will be 100% deet strong repellent, completely new sections will be in CT and MA, and a new phone APP – FarOur (formerly Guthook) will help to predict the surprise climbs up and down.

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