Grow TextArea Height Along with User Input

There are situations, when you do not want to have scroll bars inside a TextArea. Main reason not to have scroll bars inside TextArea is to make your pages more mobile-friendly.  For example on iPhone Safari scroll bar inside TextArea will not even show up.  Another reason not to have scroll […]


Trump vs. Internationalists

I started this short article to summarize Globalist ideology and why Trump is such a blow for them.  In the matter of a few hours article grew to cover these topics in no particular order: — Why Globalism is actually Westernism — What is Internationalists ideology — Why Globalists failed […]


How to Cross Pemigewasset Wilderness?

I always looked at a vast green area on the New Hampshire White Mountain map and wondered, what is it in there?  It must be like a jungle in there.  No people, just quietness and tranquility and calm.  But I  could never come up with an itinerary to actually cross it.  […]

Finding Self

Looking for a Vegan Doctor in Boston Area

As we get sophisticated about our health, we get more demanding about our doctors. Switching to a vegan lifestyle is challenging enough. Why finding the right doctor should be that hard? How can a doctor help a vegan patient with all the questions, if he or she doesn’t practice a […]

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Finding Self

Успокой ум

Успокой ум – это один из приемов как стать счастливым – хотя бы на мгновение. Что подразумевается под призывом – успокой ум?  –01– Обрати внимание на беспокойство (pay attention to your anxiety) и перестань беспокоиться. Спроси себя – Кто беспокоится? – Ум беспокоится.  –02– Переведи свой фокус в настоящий момент. […]