07-13 From Bouziès to Albi (Sunday, July 13 2014)



07-13 Bouzies to Albi

– Our starting point – Bouziès – little known, but spectacular
– Check out from Hotel Les Falaises
– Explore womderful Le Chemin de Halage – river towpath
– Food stop at Limogne-en-Quercy
– Lunch on the road weight scale
– Stop at the museum –  Beaulieu-en-Rouergue Abbey
– Arrive to Albi in a heavy rain


Sunday, July 13

Hour by Hour



[14 vs, 10] From Bouzies to Albi
Paid with MC €70 for the Hotel Les Falaises
12:00 Started walking toward Chemin de halage. This is a not very long, but spectacular road carved in the side of the riverbank Lot.
Start driving to Albi on local roads. We completely bypassed Saint-Cirq-Lapopie with all its magic and food.
Stopped at the center on Limogne and bought salad, beefcake and a gift desert for €5.
We ate at a weight station in a nice solitude with a light rain and strong agricultural smell all around us.
17:17 Arrived to Albi. A mean looking, but well-meaning lady on the moto bike gave conducted our drive to closest free parking – Parking de la Cathédrale, boulevard Sibille – 387 places gratuities (free).
Rain was coming down hard at this time, and Internet will not work even on cellular network.
18:00 At the Office de Tourisme d’Albi we hooked up to a free Wi-Fi and I made a reservation at Hôtel Du Vigan, Albi for €75.
19:30 We ate at Le Petit Voisin for €40 MC. The host was a very dedicated, but very easily upset individual.
20:30 We brought the car close to the hotel to drop of our things. A lot of the streets are blocked by the emerging cones, and we had to find a tricky way around the barriers to La place du Vigan, where our hotel located.
21:15 We returned to the hotel and discovered that World Cup already started at 21:00. That is good, as it give us one more hour to sleep.
23:23 Germany finally scored an only goal in overtime that decided the fate of the World Cup – Germany is a FOUR-time World Cup winner!

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