07 Sept 06 TUE – Glorious rain, glorious day with a proper umbrella

Summary: wait for car repair to be complete.  Explore Portland and Westbrook under the rain. Advantages of large folding umbrellas, Medeo European Food and Deli Russian food store, my car finally repaired and a final dash home.


06:00 wake up and march to the shower to beat the crowd.  Once again, Showers are clean and hot water is plentiful.  Towels are white and fluffy. What a great hostel this Black Elephant.


06:29 It is still raining and +15C. I feel good. I visited restroom four quick times – the body was cleansing itself after privations of the trail, plus I’ve drunk a lot of water.  So far, everything is with me, and I did not lose anything: keys, money, phone, gun.


07:14 I will walk under the rain along the bike trail parallel to the shore and the port. The entrance door will lock behind me and the door code was supplied on a picture taken at front desk upon check in.


07:43 – 08:36 – I called BMW of Westbrook and left a message for Tracy – my service adviser. To continue my explorations, I will change thin socks and Keen to thick warm socks and the boots. I am sitting in hostel lobby and exploring what to see around Portland while they are repairing the car.


09:58 I am available to do touristy things now.  I visited BMW – car is on the lift and will be ready in several hours.  I filled the tank on the rented car – Chrysler 3000. Now I will take the freedom under my wing.


10:02 I finally, finally called Lira with a new that I am in Portland and that I am waiting for my car to be repaired.  She appreciated the fact that I did not get her involved in all the events of the last few days.


I am walking the trail along the river – Westbrook River Walk.

On the way back to the car, I bought a large folding umbrella in Walgreens ($15) and some food in Russian food store Medeo European Food and Deli. Now I am walking with a purpose.

11:38 I am done with an ice cream bar that I used to eat back in Russia in 1980-s. Walking in the rain with a proper large umbrella is fun thing to do.


12:26 I visited BMW one more time and my car is still on the lift.


12:38 I have time for a nice lunch at Vietnamese restaurant PHOever Maine in Westbrook, minutes away from the dealership (0.3 mi).


14:27 I got my car and transferred all the things and re-hanged the bike rack.  Ready to go home.  I paid $2,618.20 for the repair and 5 days of the car rent.  They replaced the water pump. Thermostat, plus oil change, plus radiator flush, plus tire rotation and balancing.


16:39 I arrived home – it was raining all the way home.  I was monitoring the engine temperature and it never reach 250°F but it was getting close to that point.  Temperature outside was about 17-18.5°C. An incredible 6-day vacation is over.


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