06 2022-07-04 Monday – last 28 miles to the car

06:12 it is very cold, but the day will be very good and clear.  I am thinking about the exact sequence of steps to gather all things and pack.

06:23 first picture of the day – a view on the lake – blue sky reflects in the blue water surface.

07:07 I am all packed and ready to go.  First leg of the trip – 0.25 to my bike near the road.

07:33 bike is OK. Interestingly, there is a tent set not too far from the bike and someone if coughing in there.

08:22 South Arm Rd. – the gravel road turns into a paved road.  I can see a father walking leisurely with his kids and a dog.

08:38 -7.5 mi – 7.2 mph – I am at an intersection on South Arm and Black Brk Rd.  The Black Brk Rd. is closed – for members only, but everything is open for bikes.  I was riding here twice before on September 4, 2017, and on May 25, 2018. So, this area feels familiar by now.  The overall mood is good.  I am advancing nicely on my trip toward the car.  The weather is excellent – not too hot.  Bike is behaving well.  If I already completed 9+7 mi, it means there are about 20 mi remains to go.  I can do it.



My vehicle for the day I will be at the car soon – I am sure



08:49 a quick break just a little further into the Black Brk Rd.  There is no signal here.  The temperature is rising. I am starting to lose some of the layers, but mosquitos are brutal.

10:05 -1024 – 12.66 mi – 6.4 mph – about 15 mi to go. I’ve reached the gate on the other side!  I am writing standing up leaning on the gate itself.  IT is nice to be on the sun and a bit cold in a shade.  On this section I passed over three peaks about 1800 ft, and I was pushing my bike a lot on steep section.  By average sped remained high – 5.5 mph.  I moved to a sunny spot on the ground with my wet back to the sun.  Some van was trying this road to reach South Arm, but they must turn back due to the locked gate.

10:58 – 11:41 20.66 mi – 6.5 mph – I am at the intersection of Popple Dam Rd. with one other road and Cambridge River in Upton, ME.  There is weak signal here. I can notify Lira that I will be back home today at a reasonable hour. We can even go out and celebrate to July 4th.  Today our city has fireworks scheduled for 21:30 near our house.

12:40 I’ve reached route 26 – only 4.8 mi remains to go on the highway.  Let’s hope it will be an even terrain.

13:07 – one of the last stops at the side of the road.  About 2 more mi to go. I am sitting right on the ground.  I found a small area in a shade.  First ETA estimate is 13:30 + 3.5H = 17:00 I could be home.

13:22 – 28.19 mi – 6.9 mph – That is it!  I am at the car.  The ambitious plan is completed in 5 days and 4 nights.

13:39 – ODO 261.8 +19.5°C – In ate cooler I have warm San Pellegrino and coconut water.  Nice. I am changing clothes, changing sandals, reconnecting with my keys and wallet.

14:47 – ODO 303.3 – +27°C – I am at a gas station in South Paris, ME.  The gas price here is $5.30 for gas grade 89.

17:29 – ODO 461.0 +28.5°C – arrive home in a reasonable hour

~19:00 – we eat out at Bertucci’s to celebrate the holiday

~21:05 on the way back home we stuck in a stand still traffic.  City started the fireworks 30 min earlier for a crowd control – maybe? Approaching streets are blocked by trucks

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