02 – September 01 – be happy when everything works

Summary: car overheats on the way to Maine. Tow a car, rent a car, and resume the journey with a 5H delay.  Drop the bike and hike only 4 mi today – I am falling behind the schedule.


04:13 wake up in Boston.  It is completely dark outside.

04:46 depart for Maine

05:17 I notice that skies begin to gray out in ahead

06:08 with sunrise I arrived at rest area in Kittery, ME 71 mi from home. +14°C.  It is 143 mi till destination.

06:30 car displayed a message that Engine is overheated.  I slowed down, and temperature quickly returned to normal.

07:15 As soon as I tried to go faster than 80 mph, engine overheats again, and temperature would not go down this time. My Auburn, ME exit off 95 is just a mile ahead. I pull up to a first garage. They recommend me going to Rennen – another mile ahead on route 202.  I drive further at a slow speed, but engine temperature is at 250°F (121°) At Rennen Performance they only do Audis. The owner is a very busy man, but he spends a lot of time with me to find me a tow truck and possibly rent an affordable car.  At BMW of Westbrook – 31 mi back they would take me as an emergency and arrange Enterprise Rent a Car for me at $44 per day.

09:02 – We are expecting towing will be $150 ($70 pus $3 per mile) and my car repair estimate will be about $1500.  There is a 4 car pileup at Auburn, so the tow truck will be here around 10:30.  I made a reservation at Hertz and then immediately canceled it – how would I do logistic of transferring from rental back to my car?

At Rennen I am watching how they do all the auto-repair tasks – oil change, clean car inners with high power water jets, change gaskets, and disassemble the car comply to extract and replace the engine.

10:19 car is loaded on a tow truck by the hook.  The bumper plastic cover plate will fly out on the highway.

11:00 I am at the BMW dealership.  Car is already unloaded from the flat bed, and driver does his paperwork.  Towing turned out to be $168.65.

11:17 I am sitting and waiting, and the situation is much better now.  I think I took the situation under control.  Sooner or later, I will reload the stuff from my car into rental and be on my way.  Now I am expecting the delay due to car troubles will be about 5H.

11:24 I grabbed my car keys to be able to transfer the stuff.  Tracy – my service advisor explained that they booked solid for 2 weeks, but they will take my car as an emergency.  I am thinking through the reloading – do not forget the E-ZPass!

12:15 Rental car is here – it is Chrysler 3000 with 3700 miles on it. Start to re-load stuff to a new car, attach velo rack, hang the bike.  ODO shows 145.6 miles or 69004 miles total.

12:20 all is loaded.  Two hour or 100 miles is ahead of me to the destination.

14:31 I am at Height of Land on route 17 – some 100 miles later.

14:53 deposit the bike in the woods

14:59 start driving to the begging of the hike – to route 27 –

16:00 After 41.3 mile of bleak driving, I arrived at AT parking at Carrabassett Valley. Now I have 3H till darkness.

16:24 finally – start the hike. The deeper I go, the higher elevation and the night promises to be cold.  North Crocker Mountain is 5 mi away.

Next 2H and 20 minutes – sharp up at the beginning (till 17:15) and then more gradual but relentless climb up to about 3000′. At 17:19 I’ve completed 1.7mi.  At 18:19 – 3.7 mi!

18:38 I’ve completed first 4 mi on the trail. Before the dark I found a descent camping spot, a pleasant distance from the trail, flat and secluded.  And water trickle is nearby, although I do not need water tonight.  Text to Lira with my location.  Not a word about car troubles so that she wouldn’t worry.

19:59 I am comfortably set in my hammock.

20:04 it is completely dark outside.  I put on lots of layers and seemingly warmed up.  It is cold outside.  Temperature is falling quickly.

20:18 the last entry in the log.  My new rented Chrysler 3000 and I am at 3000′.

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