Dedication to America the Beautiful after a 30 years journey

Inspired by a phone call from Cheryl Clermont


This dedication is to America the beautiful after 30-year trip into American Dream.

Yes! Back in 1991-92 a Russian immigrant couple from Moscow watched pivotal events unfold in Russia from Adams, MA and listened to a short-wave radio to get the news from across the pond. Then, they took off to Boston in pursuit of an American dream.

Paul Clermont’s article about Alex and Lira appeared in a North Adams, MA newspaper The Transcript on February 15,1992. But the first article about them appeared in Transcript just after unsuccessful coup in Moscow on August 26, 1991.              



The Transcript  -  August 26, 1991  -  North Adams, MA
The Transcript  -  February 15, 1992 -  North Adams, MA

After 30 years in this country, this couple wants to thank United States for welcoming them under its wing.  Even though there are 340 million people there is always a place for one more couple in this earthly paradise.

Thriving 30 years in American wilderness

Thank you to those American People, who are not xenophobic, who are accepting, who are not shy to correct your grammar and who think of foreigners as normal people.

Thanks to America’s magnitude and infrastructure you can visit so many fantastic places by car.  Roads are amazing, directions are clear, food and gas are accessible, not like in other parts of the world. Anywhere you go you have a place to stay, something to eat and something interesting to learn.

Thanks to American passport the entire world opens to those who appreciate it. Who knew that one can just buy a ticket and fly to almost anywhere in the World without asking Government’s permission? Amazing.

We want to thank newspapers that back in the day made it possible for people to find jobs, cars, opportunities, and venues. Back in Russia, it was only possible via word of mouth and hand-written notes posted at a bus station.

We want to thank beautiful New England weather that never makes it boring. In Russia we never saw snowstorms or rains powerful enough to make it newsworthy. Here, you live with the weather, you read about the weather and you cleanup after major weather events.  If you are not happy about the weather- just give it day or two.

Thank you to the mighty American dollar that holds its proud value despite billions and now even trillions of hasty injections from Washington.  If you work, if you save, you can one day enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Books, arts, theater, and music comes to America from all over, and you can join, visit, watch and even participate.  There is never a province in America.

Best of all, thank you for safety and security and common sense that this country provides.

And thank you Paul and Cheryl Clermont for bringing back the past and making this post possible!

[written 2022-02-06 SU 30 years after the article]
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