01 May 2024 preparations for the trip

The daring plan for this latest trip was to explore another free way to get onto the Appalachian trail (AT), complete a sizeable chunk of the 100 Mile Wilderness and get out back on Golden Rd. without paying any fees. In this trip I was hoping to reach AT from a hamlet of Kokadjo, Maine, using Frenchtown Rd. that provides access to public lands. The road eventually meets AT under the name of Logan Brook Rd. Then hike 40-45 miles on AT for several nights and get out just before Rainbow Lake towards Rainbow Dam or what on some maps is called Collins Camp. From there, either bushwack north-west or find an abandoned road that was used when the dam was built.  At that point, my bike will be waiting on Golden Rd. to return to the car. A lot of miles, a lot of planning, and a lot of staring at Google satellite map, old topo maps and current AT maps.

New this trip:
 – new iPhone required all new set of UCB C charge wires for batteries.
 – first travel departure from a new place after we purchased in January.

 – Nothing new to buy except for the last-minute USB C cables.
 – Prepare color paper map copies at home – amazingly HP printer still works.
 – Throbbing uneasy feeling inside to get out of a new house mode.

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