05 2023-09-04 MO – crisp morning ride all in one sitting

Summary: Bike 23.4 mi from impromptu camp on Brocha Rd. back to the car parked on Troutdale Rd. near Moxie Pond.


05:46 wake up in my tent. The night was even warmer. I woke up 2 times at 23:56 and 4:00. The bright light from the moon creates a random carpet of lights and shadows on the ground.

To gather my things, I spread the tarp on the ground and pack my things in a relative comfort.

I am doing my Duolingo just before departing.  I can see that I’ve completed the week on a 23-rd place – just enough to maintain my place in Diamond league.

07:22 – start riding my bike back to my car – about 23 miles ahead of me. There is about ½ bottle of water remains from 3 bottles that I had with me.

I felt a bit cold on the wind when riding, but I just kept going.  It will be a hot day, so good thing I am riding early, while sun is still mild.

Few minutes before 9 I’ve reached second road gate, marking the end of the private section of the road. By 9AM I emerged from Brocha Rd.  into Indian Pond Rd.

09:01 I am passing Shirley Tote Rd. in West Forks, ME.  I was passing here 4 years earlier in July 2019. A short, paved section starts around hydro dam installations on the very north side of the lake.

09:18 I am making a very first and a very quick stop today.  I am riding along Moxie Pond, and I am just standing next to my bike on a narrow Troutdale Rd. that skirts the entire west shore of the long Moxie Pond.  There are 6 more mi to go at this point. Because I am riding early, it is not too hot yet. Plus, the private road here is perfectly shaded by the canopy.


The car is there – waiting for you. It is in a perfect harmony with the world. Another perfect trip winding down. Last of the season While I am ready to depart, next group of hikers just starting out. The first thing they would have to do is to cross that wet obstacle – the river.


10:02 I have arrived back to the car.  Today I rode for 2H 44 min, completed 23.43 mi with average speed of 9.1 mph. Total 2-day bike trip was 39.23 mi. Everything is OK.  The car is waiting for me as I left it.  The weather is gorgeous. There are 5 hours of driving ahead of me.

10:23 ODO 319.2 +20.5°C – I am starting to drive back home

11:46 I am at Subway in Skowhegan, ME.  This is a familiar place for me.  On the trip in May I stopped here both on the way to and from the trail and several times in previous AT trips to ME.

The Labor Day traffic is heavy, but manageable.

16:22 – ODO 574.1 – I arrived home – +30°C

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