04 2022-07-02 Saturday – a dream spot at the end of the day

06:32 Everybody woke up very early, but there is nothing to do – the rain is still going.  My sleep was very bad.  All night I was twisting and turning.  Maybe it was too hot? A nice problem to have in the wild.  Nevertheless, my muscles and my body are ready to continue.

07:40 because of rain I have time for a warm breakfast

09:12 – I am leaving the last.  Everyone else already gone South.  I am going North.

09:54 a viewpoint on the way down to the Sayer River

10:29 Reach the bottom of the notch – It is Sayer Notch Brook.  My backpack is wrapped in rain protection bag. Not from the rain, but from the drops falling from the trees. Last time I was here – 2017-09-04 I forgot to refill the water and had to return back (without the backpack).

11:37 A clementine’s break with a viewpoint to Hall Mountain where I just came from this morning.

12:07 I’ve reached unremarkable Moody Mtn.

12:34 I can hear the noise of the first car down the valley.  This was a simple stop just for me: to eat a grapefruit, to cut nails and simply to rest and not to hurry anywhere.

13:22 A camp site by the South Arm Rd. has a spacious toilet.  I had several previous visits to this area.  It was an ending point and starting point of two previous trips.  On one occasion – on 2018-05-26 SAT – it saved me and my stuff from a flash rainstorm.

13:32 I am sitting in a shade of canvas in a double chair on the banks of Black Brook – black, probably because of all the black flies. I filtered almost a full load of water, so that would be able to stop anywhere on the slopes.  There are a lot of comforts here.  Shade, table, and chairs. Sun is completely freed itself from the clouds and we are back to a beautiful summer weather.

14:43 the view onto South Arm Rd.

16:30 finally – Old Blue Mtn (3600ft.) +23°C and there is a bit of a signal if you are lucky.  I transmit my coordinates and do my Duolingo.  I am 2.36 mi from the road. Now I will go mostly down and search for an amazing camping spot.  Despite the fact that trail follows the crest and there is no water anywhere, bugs are very active.

17:40 camping spots near some nice clean water puddles.  I am exploring the area around here.

17:43 I found a super perfect spot for camping. A chain of camping spots – one behind the other – the better and better spots are discovering themselves. Now, counting on my fingers, I remember at least 6 nice camps sites that are not obvious to discover. First side is dark and is just by the trail, second side is spacious and with a hint of fire pit, then several more not obvious to uncover.

18:31 I am hiding from bugs inside my hammock. Let them go crazy outside. These series of camping spots are not visible from the trail, they are close to water, free of vegetation, bright and light. What an unexpected find! Here a road along a Clearwater Brook from a neighboring Oxford County reaches almost to AT.  This camping spot is not marked on any of my maps, but this place is a logical place to take a break.

20:45 I move the hammock to a more secure spot away from dead, squeaking and dangerously inclined trees. All my earthly duties are done for today. There is no wind or rain. Forecast is beautiful.  Tomorrow 8 more miles to the bike.  And then 36 more mile to the car. So far, I am not recognizing anything on this section of the trail except the starting point at the road.

21:11 Today I’ve completed 8 mi. It is time to sleep now.

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