00 AT 2023 Sep – Preparation for the trip

This would be my third AT trip this year. One in May was to Maine (ME) section to cross Kennebunk River, one in July to Connecticut (CT) section between Kent and Salisbury and this one should be a continuation of Maine – from Moxie Pond to Katahdin Iron Works Rd. already inside 100 mi wilderness. ME is the best of nearby options to submerge into the wild.



08-15 – I bought Maine (ME) section of FarOut Appalachian Trail (AT) guide for $8.99.  This is the second section that I own now.



My plan included driving to Hedgehog Checkpoint in North Maine Woods and dropping the bike there.  Then drive to the beginning of the hike near Moxie Pond and leave the car there.  Start the hike and progress 55 miles North-East to Katahdin, Iron Works Rd., then hitchhike to the Hedgehog tollbooth, and bike back to the car from there.  The plan includes 575 mi of driving, 40 mi of biking and 55 mi of hiking.



The weather looks exceptionally good for the whole 6 days of the travel – dry and getting progressively warmer by several degrees every day.

The day before departure I do a test run of all the clothes that I will be wearing. 



I did a weighting of everything that I will carry – it will be about 35 lb. without clothes that I am wearing on me.

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