Woodstock Fruit Festival (WFF) – August 16-23, 2015

WFF2015 - Lira in a Mess HallCamp Walden,
Diamond Point, NY
August 16-23, 2015

Don Bennett – http://health101.org/

Raw Food

Our ancestors were slowly gathering fruits and plants to eat.  We need to emulate this pattern with eating mostly tropical fruits for calories and nutrition.  For minerals we need to eat greens and  other vegetable.  Emprasis on RAW is made for two main reason:
(01) coking is destroying nutritional values of the food, and
(02) cooked food is modified food.  That makes it a stranger in our digestive system.


Eating mostly fruits will dictate a certain ratio of where we getting out calories from.  That way we can  get 80% of our calories from carbohydrates (raw fruits);  10% from  protein and 10% from fat.  Obviously, this is just a guideline.  This ration 80-10-10 will push us to quench hanger with fruit, use some greens and to avoid oils (100 fat), and moderate use of nuts avocado instead (very high in fat content).

WFC2015 - Mess HallSalt

Do not use table salt.  Buy Himalayan Salt instead.  It doesn’t have iodine though.  You would need to buy a DailyGreenBoost.com powder to replenish you iodine needs.

Dental Issues

Only soft toothbrush.  Do not polish you teeth with it.  Use it as a tool to reach out and remove debris.
Toothpaste is not needed.  It is there for your mental comfort just to put something on your toothbrush.
Do not brush your teeth after citrus fruits.
For a mouth wash use a mild iodine solution.

Potassium Bromate

Do not use flour, period.  But if you have to, do not use flower with Potassium Bromate in it.  In United Stated 99% of all flour is bromated. This additive is only used in US.


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