06 Summary of the September 2023 trip

This AT trip in September 2023 was a return to Maine trip.  May was AT ME trip from route 27 to Monson via Kennebunk River ferry. In July I did my very first AT section in Connecticut. And now in September I continued to do my ME route.

The planning was detailed, yet still the most interesting parts were unplanned or taken in deviation from the plan.

At this point I am even more excited to explore North Maine Woods, its lakes, and back roads.  The mission for the next year will be to reach Abol Bridge from Greenville north of private lands. 

I am completing to write these notes Mon 2023-09-25 13:03 good 3 weeks after returning from the trip.

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  7. 06 Summary of the September 2023 trip (2023/09/05)

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