Game Results 2011-10-18 TUE – The Sunlight is Dying Quickly

Who knew that a lonely call on Yahoo! message board from Lyonya G. could draw an “11-people response”.  And we did  it –  we had a wonderful game.

People from Soviet Union, Barbados and Albania met in a friendly soccer game near Boston, but just a short 20 years ago both Communist governments were strongly opposed to such meeting on a capitalist grounds.

We played from 17:39 to 18:30 – almost an hour.  All the time DARKs were down by one player.  And the game was a constant pursuit.  WHITEs build a comfortable 4 point lead 6:2 (18:15).  Marat placed an extra effort to pass and even scored 2 goals.

DARKs tried to bring it back.  From 6:2 they rose to 6:5, almost making it.

And today there is a 100% chance of rain.  So it was a great call to play yesterday – Thank you!

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