08 Austria and Italy – August 20-21, 2008 – Crossing the Alps

Between Cortina d'Ampezzo and BarbianWednesday, August 20 – From Cortina d’Ampezzo to Barbian

Next morning on Wednesday, August 20 we were in no hurry to leave. We soaked in the hot tub and took it slow.

With great difficulties we found an obscure road toward our new destination – Bolzano.  Apparently local people very rarely venture out that far outside the city limits.  Lira suggested to look for signs not a distant large city, but a sign to local nearby villages in desired direction.  And that trick worked.

We started climbing up to the mountains, and this time I handled small ASTRA engine much better.  The whole trick was to switch to manual shift on steep climbs and gain some momentum on a second speed.

First we reached pass Fallzarego (Passo di Falzarego – 2105 m) and immediately after another pass, where there is a lift to a real military fortification used during World War II.

We just made a few pictures and discovered several other amazing places to explorer later.  One of them is Cinque Torri Group (numeral five pronounced as [chinque]).  And multiple “vie-ferrate” all over the map.  I had to buy a 8€ topographical map of the area just to remember all the fun places to visit in future.

Road down to Bolzano valley was uneventful with exception that I once again forget my euro locked in shopping curt in supermarket.  You can get it back if you remember to return your shopping cart.

We liked Molveno in 2004 and came back in 2008

We magically reached super-highway A22 right near Colma (Kollmann).  Unfortunately our babushka from 4 years ago no longer was there.  And the whole house looked a little different.  But we easily got a 50€ room at fort-like looking pizza a few steps away.  Actually we already ate there 4 years ago.  We were specifically aiming to return to this super-small place that we found by pure accident last time.

Thursday, August 21 – From Colma (near Barbian) to Molveno

Next morning on Thursday, August 21 we enjoyed a perfect aimless walk in the morning, once again surrounded by grapes and plums and apricots and cute structures and alleys.

Our next important stop this time was all familiar Molveno.  As last time, we will use this small town on the lake (850m) as a base for exploring Dolomites.

Here again we discovered a fun way of finding lodging – by asking around.  It seemed that all hotels were full with pretty stiff prices, but we found a 38€ room with toilet down the corridor and bath on the other floor.  It was a place, where we were the only guests in the house (we still do not know why), so we could both take a bath next to each other and exchange soap and shampoo by throwing them over the dividing wall.

Tourist information had a very impressive 3 hour lunch break in the afternoon, so when it opened around 3:30PM we asked to call Rifugio Alimonta‎ and make a reservation for Alex for two people for banks with sheets.  We didn’t even ask for price, because it was the only really convenient mid way stop for us for a two day trip.

Talking to out BABUSHKA and DEDUSHKA we learned about a large free parking lot adjacent to downtown and old city.  And we did find a vacant spot. Good thing we were a tiny and lovely Molveno and not a posh and crowded Madonna di Campiglio on the other side of the mountains.

For the afternoon activities we stock up in a local supermarket for our impending 2-day mountain trip.  We watched Hang Gliders high in the air, bought a leather replacement for my “Heap Bap” (10€), we took pictures of the lake and the city.  For dinner we choose very popular Antica Bosnia.  We even had to wait a little for the table.

In the evening we listened for a free concert at the central square from our private balcony on the third floor.  The songs were an interesting mixture of American and Italian hits.  What a perfect day.

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