01 A brief overview of May 2022 AT trip

May 2022 – season opener trip

May 11 WED – I offered Lira to go together on a hiking trip to Mahoosuc Range in Maine.  Lira first accepts and later rethinks her decision, but this exercise pushed me into thinking how to minimize my load and maximize the fun. The important consequence of that thinking will by bike ride without my usual backpack on strapped on the back.


May 20 FRI – 07:20AM – fantastic haircut ($30) in preparation for warm season. Now I am ready for my summer hikes.


May 21 SAT – I bought a new sleeping bag at Framingham REI – $254.88. It is NEMO Disco 15 with water repellent down and decent comfort rating 25°F.  It weights the same as old sleeping bag, but packs into a smaller container.  And because it is dawn, it is sold in an oversized bag to give a room to breathe.


May 26 THU – drive from Boston to drop backpack in Gorham, NH, drive to Grafton Notch in ME, ride back on the bike 26 mi to NH and start the hike on Mahoosuc Trail. Camp near unnamed brook at the beginning of the trail.


May 27 FRI – hike 10 mi over terrain visited 5 years ago. End up at the Gentian Pond shelter, in the rain again.


May 28 SAT – another 10 mi hike over Success Mountain, visit plane crash site (1954-11-30), cross into Maine, and spend night in Full Goose shelter.


May 29 SUN – late start to go over Mahoosuc range. Cross the famous mile three times in a search of lost garment. Camp near the river in a solo setting.


May 30 MON – last 6 miles hike with 2 climbs and 2 descends that took almost all day.  Reach the car at 4PM, extract the bike at 6PM and be home at 9PM.

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  5. 05 May 29, SUN - Mahoosuc Gorge - miracle of traveling pants (2023/05/22)
  6. 06 May 30, MON - hike over Mahoosuc Arm and Spec to car (2023/05/23)
  7. 07 May 31, TUE - drying out and resting up (2023/05/31)

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