On the Way to a Higher Ground: A Perfect Non-Smeling World

Please Turn Your Radio DownOn the way out to a higher ground there is nothing to smell.  There is absolutely nothing, and it is very hard to notice.  Just look inside for yourself.

On the way from child-people, who play the game of life too seriously to a higher ground there is nothing to perceive.  Rely on your next breath only, and do not worry about the rest.

On the way to a higher ground there is no highs and lows.  You narrow down the shades of good and bad, positive and negative, right and wrong into an increasingly smaller range.  There is nothing to loose, when you expect nothing, but you are gaining a great deal from eliminating jumps and bumps.  “Do not expecting anything” principle is eliminating suffering and allows to gain everything.

On the way to a higher ground there is no origin and there is no extinction.  Inanimate objects and live forms are loosing their distinctions because they are all the same – nothing.  There is no hidden role, or destiny, or luck.  They are all invented, but do not consume those.  If there is only one road, you can’t get lost.   There is no place for choice.  There is no place for doubt.

On the way to a higher ground there is no linger, and there is no hurry.  All is happening at once, and nothing at all.  It is only calm and  tranquil bustle of nothingness that occupies all the attention.

On the way to a higher ground there are no obstacles and there is no fear.  If only you can reach you next breath – you already there, and all the obstacles are behind you.

[2011-11-23 WED 09:39]
How to reconcile a perfect NOTHING with joy of a success and achievement?

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  1. great thoughts..reminds of a poem my father used to quote. There are certain kind of birds that don’t get their feathers dirty when they walk through mud.
    regarding question: aren’t you always succesful when you expect nothing. Every gain is joyous and successful. Now tougher is how you define gain, is being a gain?

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