Body, Mind and Decision Making


Going Nowhere, Aiming for Nothing

Instead of going to the forest, to my favorite bog, I stayed home to write.  That is in accordance with principle “Going nowhere, aiming for nothing”.  Instead of fighting traffic, biking through the bumpy path and covering myself with a bug spray from head to toe, I just took a pen in my hand and begun drawing these characters on paper.


Improving Our Bodies and Improving Our Minds

Who does that?  Something is working on your body and your mind to make them faster, leaner, smarter.  What is that something?

Body is like a Switzerland.  Mind is like a capital of Switzerland – Bern.  And some where within that capital there is a Government that works on improving both the Country and the capital.  This Government is not getting hungry like body, and this Government is not getting tiered as Mind.  This Government is a Decision Making that works both on Body and Mind to improve or change them.

Constant urges of body and mind are very distracting. Hunger, lust, fear, anguish are all too familiar.  Plus, both body and mind can generate unwanted, undesirable and outright harmful desires.  Decision-making can stop all that.  Decision-making can order mind around and can block or force activities.  These two characteristics of decision-making make every person capable and responsible for the actions.  Person’s decision-making  should be the target of all teachers, recruiters and advertisers.


Who Works on Decision Making?

And who works on our Decision Making?  It is like asking, who is working on improving the Swiss Government?  Using this analogy we would have to say that all three elements – Body, and Mind and Decision Making itself is working on changing and improving Decision Making.

But this is really irrelevant for our conversation.  Let’s just remember that both body and mind are subjected to change and change is propelled from within.


Decision Making on a Pedestal

To give up “I”, one needs to understand the very “I”.  In a rigid world of cause and effect, decision making is the unique element of flexibility.  It is what makes each and everyone special.  We are not just rolling in a gutter of destiny. We are making decisions. Decision making is “I”.

And that “I” could decide to work on body and on mind to improve.  “I” can decide to practice yoga to strengthen body, and “I” can decide to meditate to calm and strengthen the mind.

If a person is not satisfied with current situation, it means either one of two things: either requests have not been issued (by body or mind), or decisions have not been made to that effect.


Religion and Decision Making

Religion should help a person in a difficult situation to make a decision.  Religion should provide guidance.  Ask yourself, how different religions approach decision making for their followers?  Through commandments. Usually through negative commandments: do not harm, do not lie, do not steal and so on.

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