Include HTML from HTML and PHP

Just before I forget, this article is about 2 great ways to load (include) HTML file from another HTML or from PHP.  Among other things I will show how to load HTLM file from WordPress text widget.

Problem – Why would you need to load an HTML text file in WordPress?

Say, you need to load a complex banner or several objects from several places in your code. In that case, you would want to maintain all that complexity in one file outside of your WordPress itself.   I used this load HTML from HTML  technique inside a Text widget to load 2 banners – one AD banner from Google and the other to load my internal site banner to announce a new featured article.   I could’ve loaded everything directly in a text widget, but that wold lead to duplication.  I also needed to load the same  HTML content from PHP code from functions.php.  To do all that, I offer you this approach below.


Include HTML from PHP is easy:

function w3_add_banner() {

This way you a loading and “executing” loaded HTML content from the file all at the same time. No ECHO is needed.


To include HTML from HTML without using <OBJECT> or <EMBED> I had to use a small JS library from W3 (

 <script src="/wp-content/themes/yourTheme/your.js"></script>
 <div w3-include-html="/wp-content/themes/yourTheme/file.html"></div>
 <script> w3IncludeHTML(); </script>
 <!-- <div w3-include-html="/wp-content/themes/youtTheme/file.html"></div> -->

In the four lines above,
 – first one loads the library from W3 that you can copy to your drive,
– the second loads the <DIV> with a custom attribute w3-include-html,
 – third line calls the custom function w3IncludeHTML() to read and load your HTML file line-by-line,
– and the fourth is just a comment.  I need this line to preserve, copy and paste <DIV> element.

Every time I go to edit this code in WordPress –> Customize –> Widgets,  <DIV> element in the second line get stripped of its custom property w3-include-html.  Most likely reason is that WordPress doesn’t recognize the property and  is designed to remove all that seems a misspell.  But I will allow me to copy, paste and save it gain from commented line four.

Why not use <OBJECT> or <EMBED> ?

You can load HTML from HTML using <OBJECT> or <EMBED>.  And it works. The only problem is that you need to specify the dimensions of your <OBJECT> or <EMBED> and they could be different on different screen resolutions. And you do not want intrusive scroll bars to appear on some resolutions and obscure portions of your content.

[RE: this article written over the Christmas break 2017]


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