Looking for a Vegan Doctor in Boston Area

As we get sophisticated about our health, we get more demanding about our doctors. Switching to a vegan lifestyle is challenging enough. Why finding the right doctor should be that hard? How can a doctor help a vegan patient with all the questions, if he or she doesn’t practice a healthy lifestyle?

Why am I looking for a vegan doctor?

I found that vegan doctors are far ahead of the bunch in medical field.  Vegan doctors don’t tell you to “eat meat and drink milk”. They understand that vegan lifestyle is an ultimate answer to most of your health problems. They do not need to be explained not to prescribe deadly and expensive medicine.

I looked up and down the Internet for a vegan primary care physician (PCP) in Boston area.  I posted questions online.  I read existing posts.  Nothing.  I mean, nothing.

Boston vegan doctors, are you out there?

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  1. Kumara Sidhartha MD – Emerald Physicians, Hyannis, MA (www.emeraldphysicians.com)

    He is a little ways from where I live so I don’t go to him.

    I have only been to Dr. Sidhartha’s presentation at the BVS monthly dinner event at the Grasshopper in Allston on Sunday, May 19, 2013:
    Strong & Nimble: Bone and Joint Health, Naturally (With Vegan M.D. Kumara Sidhartha)

    P.S. If you go see him please let us know how it went.

  2. I am looking for one as well. Did you have any luck? If so, please share. Thanks!

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