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Newton Field Status 2014-04-04 FR

Good news!

All fields in Newton are now open!

We are moving back to WARREN  as of Saturday 04/05/2014.

Field is an excellent condition and goals are available.

It is good to be back home.  But please expect at least  30 people all at the same place and all at the same place.

Anyway!  Let’s try to preserve our group atmosphere!


And warm wishes and handshakes to our friend from China – Mr. Mike Phong, who left  a brief message for all of us on Yahoo!  How many goals did he scored back in a day!






Newton Field Status

Last week (03/29) we  played on this filed:

Newton Highlands Playground







2014-03-022 SAT – Newton South / Brown – 09:15


While grass is trying to grow on Warren, we have moved to an artificial field in Newton South / Brown.

We played there several Aprils in a row.  Snow is gone and goals of various sized are available.

Parking is available from both Brown Middle School and Newton South School.



NS01 - Overview NS02 - 50 yard mark
Overview 50-yard mark


NS03 - Snow is Gone NS04 - Scoreboard
Goals are waiting for goals! Scoreboard
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