2013-03-09 SUN – Where to play next? – Brown!

We received a first gently push from VMAC.

We need to start thinking about moving out and building our place to play for next month.

All ideas and suggestions are appreciated.


Is it going to be Brown artificial filed



Or something entirely new?  Harvard? (Bobby)

Can anyone check, if golas are locked, and what sizes are available.


Today 2014-03-09 SU we played 5-on-5 with 11 players.   Plus Bobby, Erick and Vlad U. left before the game started.  They thought that the old frozen site (that we used 3 weeks ago) was too icy.  It was, but we did not have any intentions to play on it.

We picked a new virgin untouched even ground, and the field was were strong and supporting in the beginning, but later (when we broke the crust) running became much harder in spots. It was more like beach volleyball.

We were playing 5-on-5, and DARKs were down 5:0.  Dr. Yurik has arrived at this moment.  His alarm clock did not work.

Yura D. left and Dr. Yurik stepped into his shoes.  DARKs improved almost immediately. They’ve got a new confidence young Dr. Yurik, and made the score – wait for it! – 6:5.  Almost tied it!

We finished at 11:28 with happy smiles on our faces.


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  1. Hi Bobby,

    Is that field next to Harvard Coliseum?
    Do you know, if they have parking there?

  2. Hey the turf field at Harvard University is free, it’s big and always snow free

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