07 Tuesday, May 30 – We are so distracted by day job from our trail lives

07:00 – I remember waking up very early and planning in my head how to break the camp most efficiently.  There was no rain, but everything outside was dripping wet. First to be folded and packed were sleeping bag and pads, food and clothes, kitchen and bath bags.

Among first tasks – swipe all the natural spring “foliage” from the huge tarp.

I would need to make 2 trips back and forth as I had too much stuff here.

When first load was ready I put on old wet boots, and kept new and dry (by now) boots for later today.

When crossing the bridge with a full load on my back, one of my legs slipped of the log (log turned suddenly) and my leg landed on the bottom of the brook.


05-30 09;10 First delivery completed 05-30 09;32 Camp Rain
09:10 I’ve reached the car with first load. Here I put on sturdy rubber slippers, as grass was still wet from yesterday.  Somewhere on the way to the car I lost one of the folded sleeping pads attached to the backpack with straps. It ether dropped into the river and is definitely gone by now, or just waits for me on the ground. 09:32 I am back at the tent.  Good news! The sleeping pad is right there a few yards from the tent.  I dropped it almost immediately upon departure from the camp. I see that tarps are already removed and folded away.  And yellow poncho is drying up on fallen birches.  Tent is still standing.


10:29 – Last pictures at the empty camp.  I make pictures of the surroundings in case I would lose something and pictures would help me to search the ground even if I am long gone.


05-30 10;31 Second trip to the car 05-30 10;43 Mini Bridge Success
10:31 I am carrying a second full load on my back.  This time I am taking several pictures with 10 second delay timer and without the stand.  I just utilize the natural folds of the terrain. 10:42 I am at the bridge.  This time the crossing is OK.  I hope someone find this crossing helpful in future.  And I should return soon too.


11:03 Back in the car.  I am ready to go. It is 253.8 on the odometer and +13.5°C outside. I need to get some gas in the next 28 miles.  Good.  Walmart and civilization only 15 miles away.

I turn Navigation in the car and it suggest driving through the old and defunct road that I travelled yesterday on foot towards Safety Pond.  No. I can’t go that way.  But of course, this impossible way is 21 miles shorter.




05-30 11;23 Before bath 05-30 11;57 Bathing by the River 05-30 11;58 After Bath
11:23 -12:03 – 260.8 +15°C – I stopped by the river to shave, swim and change. Distance between river and the road about 3 yards.   Some weak grass grows here due to strong road foundation.  I am dumping my stuff right to the ground: slippers, blanket, shaver, fresh clothes.   Within minute or so, I see a tick crawling on my mini-towel.  Where did that guest come from?  Kill the intruder if I can, and it is not an easy task.



This is a fast and wide river – 20 -30 yards wide.  To have a more comfortable splash I go in with my blue flip-flops on.  This time a do wear an orange swim trunks.  Just as I am about to exit the water one of my slippers jumps of my foot and starts to sails away from me carried by the strong current. I am trying to catch up.  And I can’t. The shallow water doesn’t allow me to swim and I can’t run because boulders are slippery and obscure under water.  And I do not have my glasses on.  A quick decision – try to climb ashore, run back to the car to get glasses and another set of slippers and only then run down the river to chase the runaway. [Thu 2017-06-15    13:47] All steps executed perfectly, and now it is time to run and watch for blue soles. In about 40 yards I spotted the shoe, and in about 60 yards I needed to make a quick descend through the bushes and branches to trap the gliding vessel.  Done!  Once again, the whole operation took probably less than a minute, but how much excitement and exhilaration.  I even had a slight bleeding from my knee.  I have no idea how did I get it.  Too much adrenaline.

12:28 – Gas station in Berlin, NH

13:18 – 14:13 – restaurant Horsefeathers in Conway, NH – 304.6 miles +14.5°C    I always go here on the way back from hiking to get Vegetable Primavera ($15).  For the tea, I must remember to bring my own Rooibos tea bag.  And an umbrella. And a warm layer to fight A/C in there (Buffalo Green Patagonia Men’s R1 Fleece Hoody $159 at REI). And a pen, and finally my notebook.


05-30 13;16 Benefits of Civilization 05-30 14;04 Vegetable Primavera
13:28 I begin to appreciate the benefits of civilization: paper, hot water, paved roads. 13:57 – photo of Vegetable Primavera.  It took extra-long because waitress Alexa is very inexperienced and she only hears the first word Vegetable and brings some scary over-processed concoction on the first attempt.


On the way back to my car, I carry so much in my hands including left overs. Apparently, I forgot my pen there on the table.  And that is the first loss after all 5 nights in the wild. Amazingly good luck.

2h and 45min drive back to Boston is uneventful.  Rain on and off. Traffic grows slightly toward Boston and around our semi-circle route 128.

~17:20 Arrival home – 453.5 mile on odometer +15°C

Almost exactly 200 miles from Camp Rain (453.5 – 253.8 = 199.7)

18:12 Strat driving with Lira to Energize on 618 Washington Street in Brighton, MA.  I do not have any appetite yet.  They close at 8PM. We buy a lottery ticket ($2).  This majestic trip is officially over.

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