How NOT to use your TODO

This post is a reaction to another post that complains that TODO list jails you in an endless loop of struggle with your own TODO list.

Here are  simple rules to follow to free yourself from the jail of your TODO:


-1- Set the expectations right
Till your last hour, you will have things to do, so to not even try to reach the end of your TODO list. It is impossible.


-2- Each TODO item MUST have a date
Your TODO list is just a set of reminders with dates attached to them.

-3- TODO is only a reminder to free your memory to concentrate on real work
Calm down. Next time you will look at at your TODO, all the pending tasks still will be there.  Do not worry.  You will not miss anything.  You are now free to focus on your real work.


-4- Do not be a slave of your TODO
Do not use TODO as a driver of your day. Once again, TODO is just a reminder, placeholder, bookmark.  Own your time and sprincle scheduled TODO as needed. Postpone freely with no guilt.


-5- Do not mix your personal TODO with work
Manage your work tasks completely separately and using a different tool. Work tasks have different priorities, different cadence and urgency.  If you do not finish some on time, they will scream at you.


[Thursday, 6 September 2018 11:09]


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