The Most Important Thing

I am starting to write this, and I do not know the answer to the question. I will use writing as a method to concentrate on thinking, to remove all other distractions and move forward.

This question of a supreme priority could only be important for people, who have time to think and prioritize.

So, what is the most important thing?

It is definitely not work.  You are easily replaceable at work, even if you fly very high.
It is very unlikely to be a family, because having family doesn’t make you unique.
The remaining realm of possible answers brings you to what you do or what you think.

Important Doings include paintings, buildings (pyramids), music, wars and killings, laws and discoveries.  But who really has time for a good war?

Important Thoughts include religions (recorded way of understanding reality), formulas (recorded method) and books (recorded story).   Important thoughts start with an idea, and must be recorded by the thinker or by his followers.

So, for those of us, who “do not do anything”, the most important thing is an idea.   Idea – is the most important thing.  Let your ideas get all the attention they deserve!

 [written 2009/12/13  00:29]
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  1. Reply from Bellagio, Italy
    I am looking at the darkening lake and I can’t say – What is the most important thing?

    May be it is the idea to take a break and sharpen the saw?

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