Game Results 2011-05-01 SUN – Changes to Calculation of Points

Last season people who played most games had a significant advantage over other regulars.

This season we are changing the calculation.

First change. Only players who played in at least one third of the games will be shown in all calculations.  It means one game five-goal gala will not through all other statistic into the dumps.

Second change. One point for Win, Zero points for Tie, and -1 point for Loss.  That means that people with 9 games will have the same chances as people with 27 games under their belt.

Today’s dame is similar to yesterday’s one.  However, today DARKs started with 2:0 lead (Amr + Amr), and kept the pressure throughout.

WHITEs tied twice (at 2:2 and at 3:3), but DARKs ruled supreme.

A dangerous DARKs tandem Georgi and Cüneyt developed early, and terrorized the defense with sharp attacks.

On the contrary, Josh and Ziya link failed, and many goals never materialized for WHITEs.

Here is a list our members from 71 to 80:

Seq Name Joined
071 Vova M. 2009-07-13
072 Yosef Klein 2009-07-18
073 Amr (II) 2009-08-12
074 Vlad Talyansky 2009-08-12
075 Kolia N. 2009-08-12
076 Zhenia Arshansky 2009-08-21
077 Alex Z. 2009-09-06
078 Gerardo 2009-09-21
079 Telio 2009-11-01
080 Ziggi 2010-02-07



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