Game Results 2011-05-04 WED – How Legends Are Born

12 people played one hour and 15 minutes.  It is not darkness, it is not rain that stopped us.  It was a shear exhaustion.  Not one will remember the rain on a strong perfect green.  We moved two times to find absolutely the best spot.  We played on normal goals, and WHITEs started down 5 on 6.  Hayk equalized teams only at 18:41.

It is still a bright day at 7:30PM in May in Boston


Dominance fluctuated in this game all the time.   First Pawel K. lead DARKs to a 0:2 lead.  Then, Lesha K. and Christof kept passing to  each other, and brought the score to 5:2 for WHITEs.

Then Boris R. gave four passes-on- goals.  That brought the score to 5:8 for DARKs.  That was a very easy and very dangerous way to obtain a lead.

Christof used this easy-breathy attitude to score goals 6, 7 and 8.  No one really believed in what is happening, but DARKs begin to make terrible mistakes in front of the goals.  Very soon score was 14:10 and 15:11 for WHITEs.  Lyonya G. announced that the game will end in 11 minutes and it was 19:19 on the clock.

Very slowly, very deliberately, DARKs begin to mount one attack after the other.  A new Andrey S. magically stopped allowing any more goals.  Now mistakes were made by WHITE defense, and WHITEs goalkeeper.  Last eleven minutes turned into a nightmare for WHITEs.

At the very end DARKs won not by one, but by two points, and by that time only 5 people left on each side.

This was the very first Wednesday game of the Summer  season, and there are no totals other than these numbers above.

Here are our memebrs from 81 to 90.  It took 9 month to grow by 10 memebrs:

Seq Name Joined
081 Igor Golyak 2010-02-28
082 Slava Brodskiy 2010-03-02
083 Soner Tunay 2010-05-08
084 Chris V, Vincent 2010-05-08
085 Stas M. 2010-06-09
086 Rafael 2010-07-18
087 Pawel Kisiel 2010-07-25
088 Ardid 2010-08-04
089 Oleg 2010-11-05
090 Cüneyt 2010-11-29
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