Game Results 2011-01-29 SAT – Playing Through the Snowiest of the XXI Century

What 5 Can Do in 45 minutes?

Six people made their way through snow and cold.   Even small  “sniper” shovels played their role today.  And all were rewarded with a bright sunshine and mild windless conditions.

Lenia G. like a mirage on the horizon was appearing several times, but never materialized into a flesh and blood.  What a shame!  Your typical over-promising and under-delivering.  Luckily, Eddy flew from Jerusalem just by the time, when we finished clean up.  He made us whole – 3 on 3.

We had about an hour to clean up, setup and zip up, and some 75 minutes to play.

It  is a completely different game to to play with boundaries.  Ball changes so to speak “hands” several times a minute, and it is really fast and explosive.

We stopped at 11:46 and Dr. Yurik, Pawel and Serezha won 20:16 over Alex Grt, Eddy and Vadim.  We called it our boot-camp. It is a perfect biathlon – a combination of upper body workout and motor skills and coordination.

And with plastic bags on both feet there were no body part left on the field.  Here is an award-winning WHITE team poses for the camera after the game:

Tomorrow followers are lucky.  Field needs to be enlarged just a bit to be suitable for 5 on 5.
Let it snow, let it stop, let it melt.

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