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    Udar Gromov

    To establish fundamental principles of life there are two that emphasize the relationship between environment and an organism (ABSORB) and between organisms themselves (GET).

    ABSORB principle – that is collect what is free to enjoy, that doesn’t require a competition. This principle urges not to waste resources organism runs across during lifetime. According to this principle, organism should migrate towards warmer, wetter, and sunnier environments with a lot of similar creatures to watch and learn from. ABSORB principle includes life basics that under normal circumstances are plentiful and do not require fight for survival.
    ABSORB principles under more scrutiny includes these activities:
    – absorb sun
    – absorb air
    – absorb nutrients
    – absorb knowledge – observe and retain experience of other creatures. For humans it will be learning by speaking with other people on their favorite topics.
    Because this is a most basic principle, it is also an axiomatic one. To go any further into exploration of meaning of life, one needs to satisfy this principle first.
    Prioritize this principal in your life. Accepted it as a given, but do not take it for granted. Because it is a first fundamental principal, accept it, but validate it with your every-day experiences. When life takes away your other abilities and possessions – remember – you still entitled to absorb sun, air, nutrients and other creature’s experiences.

    Focus on select main direction. Do not spread efforts in multiple directions

    GET – do not wait
    – get thigs done – do not delay, do not complain
    – get exactly what you want
    – get it done today
    – eliminate the want, attachment and envy

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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