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    Udar Gromov

    Wake up at Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to around 07:30 inside the shelter and inside the hammock to protect from bugs.

    08:45 two other neighbors already left. Both south-bounders – a girl with injured knee Sawyer and music guy without a trail name. I ate Grape Nuts with trail mix on a cold water. Very good.  Weather is nice and I am in a good mood.  I only need to go 4.2 mile till next shelter, so I am in no hurry.

    09:58 trail splits here and you have an option to bypass the summit – Bald Mountain.  There is 0.4 miles to the top and 2.4 miles till next shelter

    10:16 – 11:00 I am taking a break with a view. There is signal and iPhone shows me that I am still in Moscow, ME.  This is memorable spot as I am really taking my time to relax here.  I can see mounts and lake Moxie Pond where I was yesterday.

    11:14 I am at the top of Bald Mountain (2,629′).  And I can’t find a continuation of the trail.  No one around to ask.  Finally, 70 years old from North Carolina showed me the northbound trail.  I need to return about 50 yards to resume the hike.

    11:40 I am going down and the path lies on a very narrow but very smooth ledge.  It is hard to believe that this was created by nature.

    11:59 I was looking for a spring marked on the map, but instead walked halfway back on a bypass trail.  It turned out, spring was maybe 50 yards away from the split and it dried out and only a very deep dirty puddle remains.

    12:55 I took a short (0.7 miles) side trail to Moxie Bald – North Peak (2,350′) without a backpack and quickly reach the top. The surroundings are truly bald, and visibility is excellent all around.

    13:26 continue down on main AT.

    13:59 I am at Moxie Bald Lean-to.  My 70-year old veteran already here.  I swim, watch fishes and witness very simple fining in progress. 

    14:35 There is large dog here already, and one more is coming.  It will be too much people and too much commotion for me here.  I decide to move on couple miles further to a good spot with water and access to the lake – Bald Mountain Pond.

    15:21 start marching with an average speed 2.6 mph.

    Without know it I am crossing county border.  Without knowing it, I will be crossing back within 24 hours.

    17:01 I am crossing Foss Pond Road.  Should I stay here?  There is river, and road and a dissent spot to camp.  No.  I am moving further down.

    17:28 after completing 5.3 miles in 2 hours I am joining another 2 parties on a small field of former road that on some maps marked as a camp.

    17:47 water procedures in the presence of bugs and grasses

    My other partners started the fire.  I offered a tarp to sit on.  But large flying ants annoyed everyone.  Everybody quickly goes to their tents.

    It was a Burrito Rice Bowl for diner today.  Very nice and lower in salt that other meals.

    19:45 second trip to water after supper.  Something is happening inside me that wants to get out, but not yet.

    20:35 Last notes in the hammock.  Now I am only 13 miles from the highway and my bike. Now, it makes sense to get there in one day journey.  That what my current neighbors did today. It means that by Friday, July 5 I could be at my car.  The place that I found here is very good. Right off the trail but secluded and not on most maps.  Plenty of clear level ground for several tents.  Today I planned a tranquil day and ended up making 13 miles and 99 floors (according to iPhone Health).

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