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Type Globalist program in YouTube search and one of the top links will be an interview with Bill Gates dated 2019-02-12 (Bill Gates: The nationalist case for globalism). On second 33 of the interview he speaks of global deceases that can spread globally very quickly.  He lists this as one of the arguments for Nationalists to support Globalist along with economic instability of world economy. After that, he argues that spending American tax dollars on supporting Vietnam is cheaper than sending solders there (at 01:20 of the recording).

The purpose of this article

The purpose of this article is to compare Globalism and Nationalism and try to see if the differences are just in the percentage points of national budget spent on external help or if there is a deeper split. Let’s spend some time together describing and critiquing both camps.  

Case for a Globalism Case for a Nationalism
Complexities of the world problems require to think globally.  There are many problems that cannot be resolved on level of national Government Government needs to feed its poor first and only then address poverty, disease, and unrest in other countries.
Critique: Argument is hypothetical as it preaches the shift on money and power from strong tested local Governments to weak untested International organizations. Critique: This is a weak argument as Government always eager to wage an external war (spend money on external problems) despite the plight of its poor.

    Join Globalists of remain a Nationalist?  

Globalist – why to join our camp? Nationalist – why to remain in our camp
Air, water, disease and less so energy will not wait for all local problems to be resolved. You must dedicate part of your income now to resolve Earth and Humanity problems as well as your local problems Keep your taxes low Concentrate on problems at home Keep local industries healthy and competitive  
Yes. But why to create another layer of bureaucracy on top of local Governments? Bureaucracy is good at limiting, restricting, and prohibiting. Why global bureaucracy will be any better than local bureaucracy?
Yes. But who will take care of the planet? Governments and nations are using it, but who will be protecting it on a permanent basis?

    This impasse of XXI century between Globalism and Nationalism is very similar to split of XX century between Communists and Social Democrats.  Moreover, they are historically connected. Let us draw

a historic parallel between XX and XXI centuries political conflicts


Communists of XX century demands Social Democrats of XX century stand
Capitalist system is inherently unfair. Rich are filthy rich, and poor are dead poor. Socialist revolution will eliminate classes, eliminate private property and all people will be equal and finally happy. Democracy and private property together are the best system world ever created.  Yes. It needs improvements and regulation, but not a destruction.

Side note – Why Communist’s doctrine does not work?

In all communist countries (except China) this experiment ended very poorly both for the people and for the economies. The problem is that equality kills the thirst for innovation and change. In every case, after 10-15 years of proclaimed equality people are still desperately trying to escape “equality” and communist Governments begging surrounding countries to provide bread and means of subsistence because economy is ruined. In China, communist party adopted a one-party-capitalism while allowing people and capitals to flow while remaining firmly in power.  This is hardly a model for propagation. Chines immigration to US is at all time high (Chinese Immigrants in the United States) and people do not voluntarily run away from a good thing.     Keeping above demand and convictions in mind, let us look at

Globalist vs. Nationalist positions today

Globalists demand Nationalists Stand
Reach countries should generously share their unlimited budgets with poor countries. That will do good for both reach and poor countries. Reach countries already contribute more that its fair share to support and maintain peace in hot spots of the planet.
For reach countries this will reduce the danger of instability, disease, and terrorism. It will also cure the perpetual sin of gilt of rich for the oppressed. We have enough internal dangers and problems of our own. We must address these first before interfering into other’s countries affairs.
For poor countries it will bring prosperity, growth, and stability Giving money to poor countries does not work as everything goes to the pockets on local rulers.
For the entire Globe, this will be a monumental leap into an era of creativity, cooperation, and happiness. If the entire globe is equalized into poverty and submission, whom could we beg to feed and clothes us?

    Who is standing behind two camps?

Who are the Globalists? Who are the Nationalists?
Who is gathering behind this Globalism movement?  
–01– People with a dream to bring happiness to all Humanity.  People who want to be remembered as great sages of their age.  
–02– People working for global international organizations, who depend on national Governments for timely and generous contributions.  
–03– Scientist and companies who work on global projects of water, air, energy, and disease who depend on sponsorship from the world Government organizations.
–04– Believers – people who found a new inspiration in a great cause beyond national borders.
Who is standing behind Nationalist movement?

–01– People who worked for big bureaucracies and who are disenchanted with super-sized projects where there is so much waste.
–02– People working for local Governments and who are not ready to share power and influence with global power structures.

–03– Companies and businesses who will suffer from enforcement of global rules and regulations on top of all the existing local Government’s regulations.
–04– People who see Globalism as just another way to extort taxes for far away goals.
Idea of improving human lot is a tempting, simple and enduring one – let us take from rich and give to poor. People who are vocalizing it are not monsters. They think that they on the par with Mother Theresa. They think that this idea will solve many ills and sins of modern society.
Idea that local Government knows the best is also simple and familiar. People are used to the idea that any new project will only bring new restrictions and limitations with multiple unfair loopholes. It will consume resources comparable with war and take away more freedom.

    Critiques of each camp of one another. The very best arguments are very often found in critique from the opposite camp.  Let us listen

What Globalist and Nationalist are thinking of one another

What Globalists are thinking about Nationalists? What Nationalists are thinking about Globalists?
Nationalism is an old and selfish idea. Nationalism cannot solve problems of XXI century. Nationalism is a thing of the past.   Nationalist cannot understand that planet cannot wait.  It is dying.  And we are dying with it. You cannot out-wait the Earth problems like a bad weather. Soon it will be too late. Do not block funding now to address the problems of tomorrow.   Nationalists do not understand that billions of poor and underprivileged will never rise to prosperity without our help. The anger and discontent in poor countries will boil to an explosion and prosperous countries will lose everything they have in a most destructive and violent manner.  Nationalist are blocking a great new cause because they are too narrow-minded and do not to see beyond the local interests. Globalism is another utopia. Equality is a myth. Equality is a fairy tale. Equality is a sweet and dangerous dream.   Globalists do not realize that mandatory redistribution of wealth does not work. Someone still must work to satisfy yet another layer of global administrators who will make multi billion-dollar decision on re-distribution of global pie.   Luckily, in America many millions of families achieved middle class status by hard work and innovation. They are very generous as is, and they do not mind helping others. But the idea of a compulsory equality will hardly be very popular. And lawmakers that will siphon trillions of tax dollars into weak countries in the name of equality will not have a chance. However, helping friends in a war with a mighty aggressor – is an honorable thing to do.

    On the web, it appears, there is no middle ground between the two camps. Both sides are using

Vocabulary tricks to smear the image:

Here are some tricks used by Globalists Here are some tricks used by Nationalists

 – if you are nationalist – you are a racist.
 – if you a nationalist – you are automatically a supporter of white supremacy.
 – if you a nationalist – you do not care about world hunger and disease.
 – if you are nationalist – you are against free immigration.
 – if you are nationalist – you support local organs of oppression – local army and police.

 – if you a globalist – you want to introduce a global surveillance of movement.
 -if you are a globalist – you want to force everyone to be vaccinated.
 – if you are a globalist – you want to add global income tax on top of state and federal taxes.
 – if you are a globalist – you want free unhindered movement of people between national borders.
 – if you a globalist – you desire to weaken local law enforcement and local armed forces.


Events of the first half of 2020 appear to be an act of revolutionary war.  It felt as a first open battle between Globalists and Nationalists.  This time it was not limited to one country as in Britain and USA in 2016.  This time it was orchestrated in many countries all at the same time. It appears that names and colors of local political parties do not matter anymore. Forget old hotly debated questions about abortion, race, and religion. The world revolt of May-June 2020 splits voters into Globalists and Nationalists. And the split will be very hard to mend as the sides do not show any common ground or willingness to compromise.  Meanwhile, as we just saw, above the argument is really about shades of gray.  Both sides know that global problems will not wait.  But the deadly fight is about how much money to allocate for this, and who will oversee allocating these trillions.  Good luck, planet Earth!

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