Adventures in the Dominican 2017-11 from 18 to 25

Hello hello from warm Dominican Republic.

– counting number of sudoku tables  – how many different valid 9-on-9 sudoku tables are possible?

– questions to Mergebot – does their service ($26/month) support upgrading from one server to another while maintaining new configuration  options

– planning migration to Amazon: compare double entry vs. a new migration round

– a week in a warm climate – any difference in health and state of mind?

Food – excellent

Room – fantastic – two sinks, two shower heads!

WiFi – limited to theater area, but that allows you to rest from the NET

Beach – clean and protected by sand wave breakers

Security – not a problem



Punta Cana undergoing an explosive growth Sunscape is a chain of hotels, and we arrived here



Pedro is a perrot who clims the Russina flag every day. He has a lot of friends. Wait a second! Sea, wind and the podium! What a glorious combination. The only thing is missing is topic.


See you Sunday on a soccer field!

2017-11-24 FR 18:35 (17:35 EST)

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