2017-12-02 SAT 4-team tournament: Boris M. won, Lyonya G. and Alex Grt shared the second

Four teams played today side-by-side on a green BROWN turf.

All four team had an opportunity to meet with each other in 3 game tournament. Each game would last 2×15 minutes. Each team had 7-8 players.

In a first round, Boris M. (Amr, Kolya P., Ruslan, Victor, Vlad R.) team played against Lyonya G. team (Zhenia T., Cüneyt, Ilya B.) and Stas M. team (Andres, Dima K., Ezio) played against Alex Grt team (Vlad 2, Boris R., Lenia Ch., Mitia, Sasha N.) .

Amr “strategically” injured Ilya L. and Zheania T. in the very beginning and Boris’ team won 1:0.  The other game ended unexpectedly 6:1 for Alex Grt after a very tough 1:1 beginning.



In a second round Lyonya’s team returned back from a 0:2 deficit and finished 2:2, and Boris won over Stas 2:1 in a second game.

In a final third round, both Boris’s team (5:1) and Lyonya’s teams (2:1) won and we had an interesting situation with points: Boris 9 points or 3 wins,  Lyonya G. and Alex Grt had the same results: 4 points and tie in a personal game.  Who would like to count the goal difference?  It also appears to be the same.

Non of these game are counted toward current Fall season. Regular season games will resume tomorrow.

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