Make Contact Form 7 work again – change your FROM field

I noticed that my Contact Form 7 started to fail tests without a slightest provocation.

This article describes simple steps how to make it work reliable again.



Reliably receive messages generated by Contact Form 7 from any address.



Many SMTP providers further restricted message relay policies.  They now only allow messages FROM validate addresses.



 Modify your WP email setup

-1- Open “Advanced Email Options”

-2- Set “From Email” field the same as email account you authenticating  your SMTP login


Test your WP email setup

Send several messages using “Send Test” on the bottom of “Advanced Email Options” page, and make sure you are getting OK or successful from SMTP server, and that messages are actually received


Modify your Contact Form

-1- Make “From:” field  the same as “From Email” field on “Advanced Email Options” page.

-2- Add this line to “Additional headers:” field
Reply-to: [your-name] <[your-email]>


Test your Contact Form 7 page

Make sure you can send messages from your Contact Form 7 from correct, but totally unverified addresses.

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