Uninstall just one instance of SQL server

You have several instances of SQL Server (Express) installed and you need to remove/uninstall just one of the instances.

Here are the steps tested in Windows 10 with SQL Server  2019 Express

—01—  Open App & Features

—02— Find MS SQL Server 2019 (64-bit) and click Uninstall:


—03— Confirm your choice:


—04— and confirm that this APP will make changes to your system (ADMIT right are required)

—05— See the box with 3 options: —Add  —Repair and —Remove and select —Remove

—06— Select which instance to remove/uninstall:


—07— Select All features to be uninstalled

—08— Confirm your choices on Ready to remove screen

—09— Watch the removal progress – takes a few minutes


—10— Close the “Complete” screen:


–11— Check in SQL server Configuration Manager that your SQL instance is gone.  – Perfect!

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